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34,177 Shed Ideas

7 Backyard Sheds Built With Love

The Hardworking Home: Says one homeowner and shed builder, ‘I am amazed at the peace and joy I feel when working in my garden shed’

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Shed Ideas

Whether you have a yard or simply a lot of extra stuff, sheds always prove to be useful additions for homeowners. While it's above all an extra storage building, the right shed design can serve multiple functions, such as doubling as a workspace or an outdoor laundry room. Depending on how you plan to use it, there are several shed ideas for you to consider.

What size shed do I need?

Before embarking on any type of shed remodeling project, it’s always useful to browse a few shed photos and save any inspirational shed design ideas to a Houzz Ideabook. Before making any purchases, assess your newly accumulated shed pictures and shed ideas, and decide exactly what you will be storing in your unit, as well as where you plan to place it. Are you going to be storing lawn equipment or smaller gardening tools? Will you be working inside your storage building, or will it be used solely for storage? The purpose of your storage building will of course determine how large the building should be. In the end, the overall size is important, but so is the size of the entrance — be sure to measure your largest piece of equipment to ensure it fits through the frame.

What should I consider in regard to the shed design?

As you consider various shed designs and fall in love with the huge range of shed remodeling ideas on Houzz, don’t forget that your unit will be on the same property as your home, so try to choose a design that will be complementary. If your home is done in vinyl siding, consider finishing your building in the same material. Or, reflect similar features that are seen in your home, like an arched window. You can even accessorize it as if it were a home with window boxes or shutters for a decorative touch.

What type of accessories are available for garden sheds?

When it comes to shed decorating ideas, you may find that investing in a few accessories may be worth your while depending on what you plan to store in your building. Make more room in your unit by including a loft, or add sunlight and fresh air with windows or skylights. Shelves will help to organize your outdoor items, while a workbench will aide in activities you plan to pursue inside the unit.

What else can I use my shed for?

As you browse various shed ideas, you’ll see that there are many shed designs to choose from — you can really use this area for anything! If living space is more of an issue than storage, you can always convert your shed into an extra room. Sheds makes fun playhouses or outdoor playrooms; they can also work as home offices, guest bedrooms or craft rooms! If you're turning it into a fully developed space, make sure it complies with local ordinances and has enough ventilation, light and insulation for seasonal temperature changes. In terms of shed decor, approach decorating this space as you would any other room in your house. If you are creating an extension of your home, you can either stick to your current interior style or do something completely different since this is a detached space.
Example of an arts and crafts guesthouse design in Other

©Karl Neumann
Example of an arts and crafts guesthouse design in Other
You want to add a new dwelling on the property - oshi5

Guesthouse - large farmhouse detached guesthouse idea in New Orleans

Photography: Jen Burner Photography
Guesthouse - large farmhouse detached guesthouse idea in New Orleans
Patio - duhamelch

Guesthouse - shabby-chic style detached guesthouse idea in Los Angeles

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Guesthouse - shabby-chic style detached guesthouse idea in Los Angeles
Paving and stacked bricks on right as ideas fronting garage - jcavinsd

Guesthouse - rustic detached guesthouse idea in Other

Guesthouse - rustic detached guesthouse idea in Other