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Where’s the fun in having a yard if you can’t enjoy it? Often a little light rain or scorching sun can ruin an otherwise perfect day, but by incorporating outdoor structures into your landscape you can get much more use from your yard. Whether you should put up a pergola, gazebo or garden shed depends on your intended activities and local climate. Learn the differences below to help decide which outdoor structure is right for you.

Pergolas, Arbors and Trellises:

The criss-cross style construction of these particular outdoor structures provides partial shade, so it can be either functional or decorative. For a functional use, place one close to the side of your house to create a semi-protected outdoor living space. To enhance your landscaping, try framing pathways and yard entrances, or weave climbing plants in and out of their beams.

Learn the differences between pergolas, arbors and trellises

Gazebos, Canopies and Awnings:

If you’re looking for full shade and sun protection, try one of these outdoor structures. They come in a variety of sizes and materials, including wood, metal and canvas fabric. Most will have a solid roof, and some are designed with short surrounding walls or optional curtains for additional privacy or shade. Their large size makes them ideal for midday outdoor entertaining or family meals on warm summer nights.

Studios, Sheds and Greenhouses:

These outdoor structures provide full weather protection and offer up a variety of uses. Stash your garden tools in a shed, or use it for storing bikes and outdoor toys. Grow plants in a small or large protected greenhouse for fresh food and flowers year-round. If you have the extra space in your yard, put up a studio and use it for visiting guests or as a home office. Don’t forget to throw a lock on these structures if you have anything valuable stored inside!

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