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Example of a trendy galley open concept kitchen design in DC Metro with stainless steel appliances and a single-bowl sink

fifties splitContemporary Kitchen, DC Metro

photo credit: Jim Tetro design team: kitchen designed in partnership with Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath

Example of a trendy galley open concept kitchen design in DC Metro with stainless steel appliances and a single-bowl sink —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (28)

0129 wrote:Dec 17, 2011
brothschild wrote:Jan 15, 2012
skiwert wrote:Feb 26, 2012
nideverly wrote:May 7, 2012
susanrobertson wrote:Oct 16, 2012
How do I do a drop ceiling like this over the island with lights?

  • PRO
    Gardner Architects LLC
    This is an area where a low ceiling meets a high ceiling. See this photo for the view from the opposite direction:
    fifties split · More Info
    . The way we did this was to use bamboo flooring (yes, bamboo flooring), on spacers to create the reveal (thin space) at the forward edge in the photo above. Hope this helps.
mizzvw wrote:Nov 23, 2012
Is the bamboo set into or over the granite?

  • mizzvw
    Thank you. It is such a unique and beautiful desgn.
  • PRO
    Gardner Architects LLC
    Thank you for your kind words!
rachelepollack wrote:Dec 21, 2012
  • PRO
    Gardner Architects LLC
    The refrigerator (right), and pantry (left), both over freezer drawers, are 36" wide each.
ericneher wrote:Jan 28, 2013
  • PRO
    Gardner Architects LLC
    Eric, thanks for the kind words about this kitchen. We're honored by your request to use this image. Our contact info is on our profile.... please give us a call and ask for Amy, in order to discuss further.
skwee wrote:Feb 27, 2013
What is the floor made of?

- What is the floor made of?

Aya wrote:Mar 5, 2013
  • PRO
    Gardner Architects LLC
    Thanks for your interest! All of the photos that we have available to share are in our Houzz profile, in the project called "fifties split".
ashtonsherry wrote:Mar 10, 2013
huntsville wrote:Apr 23, 2013
  • PRO
    Gardner Architects LLC
    This is a Grohe Lady Luxe faucet. Give this one a look: Grohe 33 755 E LadyLux Cafe Pullout Spray WaterCare Kitchen Faucet with SilkMove Cartridge
mjwiley wrote:Apr 25, 2013
Make drywall beams look like wood

- How do you make drywall beams look like wood

  • PRO
    Gardner Architects LLC
    Good question. Generally speaking, you can "wrap" drywalled beams with wood material. But the devil is in the details, and a good recommendation is hard to offer without knowing more information about what you are trying to achieve. A good online search in resources such as Fine Homebuilding may help illuminate options.

    In the case of the project in this image, there were no drywall beams, but rather a dropped drywall ceiling clad with bamboo flooring. To clad the soffit, we screwed furring strips through the drywall to the joists above, and then used bamboo flooring, glued to the furring strips and nailed through the tongue to the furring strips.
marzi75 wrote:Jun 23, 2013
brhubard4 wrote:Jun 25, 2013
Penny joint panelling?

- How do you attach?

  • juliascoley
    What is the light fixture over the island? Who makes it?
  • PRO
    Gardner Architects LLC
    The track fixture over the island is by LBL. For the track and the exact head monopoint info I will need to look into the project archive.
rd904 wrote:Dec 12, 2013
What type of wood is ceiling and cabinets.

- Great space

EOS Digital Services wrote:Dec 25, 2013
  • PRO
    Gardner Architects LLC
    Thank you for the kind words! I hope your project goes well.
apoitier1 wrote:Apr 28, 2014
nettynets wrote:May 21, 2014
What is the material of the countertop around the sink?

- I understand the wood is bamboo, what is around the sink?

  • PRO
    Gardner Architects LLC
    Thanks for the good question. The material around the sink is granite.
joannaslavick wrote:Jun 9, 2014
Where is the track lighting from?

- Great!

  • PRO
    Gardner Architects LLC
    LBL! There are previous questions on this subject on this pic -- hopefully they haven't become archived or deleted and you can find more detail there. Thanks much for the kind words.
Karen Wright wrote:Jun 14, 2014
What brand of refrigerator is that??

- Love the fridge!!!

  • PRO
    Gardner Architects LLC
    Thanks for the kind words! The fridge is by Sub-Zero.
Melissa wrote:Jul 20, 2014
Eleanor Troiano wrote:Jul 27, 2014
what color wall paint goes with grey tile and nuetral cabines

  • PRO
    Gardner Architects LLC
    Thanks for the question. Its hard to say without more information.
Susan Holley wrote:Jul 13, 2015
  • PRO
    Gardner Architects LLC

    Thanks for the question. The leg for the bamboo top is made of the same granite as the rest of the countertop -- cambrian, antiqued finish. Hope this helps!

  • PRO

    We're very excited to see Cambrian Black from our North American Polycor quarry specified in this amazing project. It's great to see this durable and domestic stone incorporated so well into the overall design! Beautiful work!

Dona Bullock wrote:Sep 8, 2015
  • PRO
    Gardner Architects LLC

    Thanks for the post. I'm sorry, though, I don't understand the question. Are you asking about the actual floor which is 7" wide engineered flooring by Bellagio/Oregon Lumber, the 2" thick countertop by Grothaus, or the floor material (7" wide bamboo flooring planks) on the ceiling?

tuckerbechtel1 wrote:Feb 17, 2016
  • PRO
    Gardner Architects LLC

    The lower ceiling height is approximately 8'. The upper ceiling height, a shed roof, ranges from approximately 10'-15'.

tuckerbechtel1 wrote:Feb 17, 2016
  • PRO
    Gardner Architects LLC

    No, the island pushes past the demarc where the two ceilings meet/change.

Robert Allen - Metal House Inc wrote:Mar 24, 2018
  • PRO
    Gardner Architects LLC

    Hi, thanks for the question. The bamboo material on the ceiling is not the same as the material on the floor by Oregon Lumber. Unfortunately I do not have exact spec information on the ceiling material. I'm sorry. I wish you the best with your reconstruction.

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