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May 20, 2020
Major Home Improvement Projects Continue During Coronavirus Pandemic, Houzz Study Finds
Sheltering at home inspires post-pandemic outdoor, kitchen and bathroom renovation projects

More than half of homeowners who were in the midst of a home renovation or design project when the coronavirus pandemic was declared on March 11, 2020, were able to continue with their renovations (52 percent), according to a new report from Houzz. The survey of nearly 1,000 U.S. homeowners using Houzz, found that only one percent cancelled an ongoing project. Of the 47 percent of homeowners who put their projects on hold, two in five felt their project was not urgent and could resume at a later date (40 percent).

Home renovation and design projects were impacted differently throughout the U.S. based on health concerns and local ordinances. Homeowners in the south and west regions of the U.S. were the most likely to continue with current projects amidst the pandemic (64 and 56 percent, respectively), whereas homeowners in the midwest and northeast regions were less likely to move forward with in-progress activities (40 and 37 percent, respectively).

“Homeowners and the professionals working on their projects are taking health concerns very seriously. While many projects have continued during this time, the northeast region was most affected, which is not surprising given the pandemic’s significant impact in that area,” said Marine Sargsyan, Houzz senior economist. “Personal health and safety, as well as that of the professionals working in their homes, were top considerations for homeowners, but, less than half of those with unfinished projects put their project on hold. We’re also hearing from our pro community that certain projects are able to restart as shelter in place orders are becoming more relaxed and lifted completely in some areas.”

Home offices and master bedrooms were the projects least likely to be paused during the pandemic, with seven in 10 projects continuing (70 and 69 percent, respectively). More involved projects such as master bathroom and kitchen remodels, which have consistently led in overall project activity, continued for more than half of homeowners (56 and 54 percent, respectively).

Three quarters of homeowners on Houzz with ongoing residential renovation and design projects are working with home professionals (75 percent). Many homeowners reported that they find it helpful to utilize online tools for shopping, remote communication, contract approvals and invoicing and payments, in order to move their projects forward during the pandemic. Tools to accomplish this can be found in the Houzz Pro business and project management software, which Houzz released in April.

Sheltering at Home Inspires Future Projects
Many homeowners are considering major home remodeling and design projects now that they’ve spent more time at home. In fact, nearly four in five homeowners (79 percent), reported that they are dreaming about changes that would help them to enjoy their home more, with outdoor, bathroom and kitchen projects topping wish lists (35, 34 and 32 percent, respectively). Of those with home improvement dreams, nine in ten plan to upgrade their homes following the pandemic. Top planned projects follow the wish lists, including outdoor upgrades (27 percent), master bathroom and kitchen renovations (25 and 23 percent, respectively). Among homeowners planning to upgrade their homes, desired changes include new décor, better lighting, and an improved layout (47, 30 and 27 percent, respectively).

Homes Take on New Uses
With many sheltering in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, homeowners reportedly spend more time baking and cooking (52 percent), which is echoed by activity on the Houzz Shop, where sales of bakeware and cookware are 5x and 4x higher, respectively, compared to the months before the pandemic. Homeowners have also turned their homes into multi-use spaces for exercising and working at home (20 percent, each). In fact, home gym equipment sales on Houzz are nearly 8x and home office furniture sales are 1.7x that of sales prior to the pandemic.

*Data was sourced from an online survey fielded to U.S. Houzz users between April 22 and April 29, 2020. N=983.

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