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If you’re shopping for new dinnerware, consider this your blank slate. What kinds of cups, bowls, plates and more will fill your table tonight? With a myriad of choices you’re guaranteed to find dinnerware sets and additional pieces that fit your individual needs and tastes. You could choose a set of simple dishes, or go with colorful patterns and solids. Whatever the look you're going for, keep these characteristics in mind when shopping:

If you’re the type of person who likes to reheat leftovers on your dishes, look for materials that are microwave safe. If it’s your everyday dinnerware we’re talking about, choosing a set that’s also dishwasher safe is a great idea. If these are to be a fancier set meant for special occasions only, you can opt for finer, hand-washable materials instead. Don’t forget to accent your holiday and formal dinnerware with charger plates, which are tucked under your main dinner plates to provide a pop of color.

While tumblers and cups are important, having a set of glassware that includes wine glasses and other specialty drinking vessels is a must. You wouldn’t want to entertain guests by pouring a cabernet into a coffee cup! Be sure to find out what kind of cup or glass is used to serve your drink of choice — you might be surprised to learn the shape can affect the taste and smell.

Once you’ve made your decision, fill those plates up with food, pour the beverage of your choice and enjoy. Bon appétit!