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Barron Designs, LLC has been part of the business remodeling and home improvement industry since it was established in 1972. We strive to provide some of the most innovative, cost-effective and best quality faux building materials on the market today. We offer a variety of products from stone and brick veneer panels to faux wood beams that will beautify, enhance and improve a multitude of applications including storefronts, trade show displays, home interiors and exterior design, ceilings, offices and more.

The Barron Designs, LLC family business helps to serve a niche in the building and remodeling industry with high quality products designed to be lightweight, easy to install, affordable and realistic in appearance. Some of our more popular products include high density polyurethane foam reproductions of stone, rock, brick, wood and more that are molded from the real thing for a hyper-realistic quality without all of the hassles of the real thing.

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