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Medicine Cabinets

In a room where space is sparse but accessories are plentiful, a medicine cabinet is a much-needed bathroom storage addition. This hidden cabinet functions as both a mirror and extra storage, which makes it the ideal double-duty purchase. Besides being above all practical, a medicine cabinet can also function as part of your decor, if you pick the right look. As you get ready to make your purchase, be sure to consider all the tips below.

What kind of medicine cabinet should I buy?

Surprisingly, there are a wide variety of cabinet types available, and the one you pick depends on your space and overall style. Here are the most popular options:
Surface-Mount: Probably the easiest style of medicine cabinet to install, this type hangs on the wall like a picture frame. Although it is available in a variety of depths, most tend to average around 4 inches or so, which leaves plenty of space for all your bath accessories.
Recessed: This style requires a little extra work. It's installed by cutting a hole into the bathroom wall, which allows the mirror to sit almost flush against the wall and take up less space. It leads to a cleaner, custom look, but if you're cutting a new hole, be careful — check behind the drywall to make sure no ductwork or plumbing block the space.
Corner: If your space is truly small, or if you happen to have a corner sink, a corner medicine cabinet might be your best option. This style takes up less wall space, but its depth allows for just as much storage.
Tri-View: For the ultimate family storage space, these multiple mirrored panels will do the trick. Most units include three usable cabinets, though for some, the center is just a decorative mirror while the others slide or swing open.

What style medicine cabinet should I purchase?

Stylistically, they range from simple rectangular or oval-shaped mirrors to vintage or lighted medicine cabinets. While the mirror itself is important, also think about the frame. Most come in a wide variety of wood finishes, but more contemporary options are made of metal. In the end, think about the style you're going for in the bathroom and be sure your purchase reflects that.

What kind of features can a medicine cabinet have?

Your unit can be as decked out or a simple as you want it to be, depending on your budget and style preferences. Basic models are usually mirrored and have stationary shelves, while more complex models also come lighted or with adjustable shelving. When it comes to the doors, a single-paned cabinet will usually include a hinged door, while a larger tri-view might have either a hinged or sliding door. For ultimate luxury, install or find a unit with a fog-proof mirror.
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Featured Reviews of Medicine Cabinets

Kohler Aluminum Single-Door Cabinet Door, Beveled Edges, 20"x26"
Medicine Cabinets
February 19, 2018
Worth buying: I have this, got it at the big box store and husband installed it. It wasn't difficult for him at all. I love all the mirrors, I can get a "back view" of hair in the big mirror over the sink vanity. It has a little invisible space below where I can put hooks to hang my blow dryer, hand mirror, etc. I've had it probably 8 years now and it's still looks new, except the top glass shelf fell (with everything on it), broke, and I'm having problems replacing it. Be sure the "shelf support thingies" are in tight. If you like lots of light and brightness in your bathroom, this is good because it reflects light and does make the space brighter due to mirrors. It's pretty big and holds a ton of items you don't want lying loose. I like it, I will eventually get a matching one for husband's vanity, as well.
Kohler Aluminum 2-Door Medicine Cabinet Mirrored Doors, Beveled Edges, 30"x26"
Medicine Cabinets
August 7, 2018
Beautiful mirrored cabinet.: So glad Kohler makes this aluminum mirrored medicine cabinet. Great storage, exceptionally beautiful mirrored medicine cabinet and what a great price. Can't beat it. Bought 2 and so glad I did. Thanks for a great product.
Kohler 1-Door Aluminum Cabinet/Decorative Silver Framed Door, 20"x26"x4.83"
Medicine Cabinets
May 29, 2018
Beautiful cabinet: I have to say I was a bit surprised when I received this cabinet - it is really beautiful! I was so happy to put this in the new bathroom. We surface mounted it and it looks great. With glass shelves and a mirrored interior - this is a really good piece - very sturdy.
Columbia 19" Espresso Medicine Cabinet
Medicine Cabinets
March 10, 2017
This is a very nice cabinet..: This is a very nice cabinet.. The color is perfect to go with the new build, Came fully assembled except for the door knob and 2 movable shelves but they were easy to install.. Easy installation.. Will definitely be purchasing other items.. Thanks!!
Zenith Frameless Octagonal Medicine Cabinet
Medicine Cabinets
May 11, 2017
Very nice.: Love the frameless beveled edge. The body of the cabinet is plastic which isn't fantastic but the price is definitely right and the outer appearance is very nice. Pretty easy to install and did not have to be assembled.
Nunki Beveled Edge Medicine Cabinet, 16"x26"
Medicine Cabinets
July 12, 2017
Excellent: Product came extremely quickly, was a great value, and we are extremely pleased with packaging. Interior of cabinets is clean and easily adjustable to your own organizational needs.
Elegant Home Fashions Neal 1-Door Medicine Cabinet in White
Medicine Cabinets
November 21, 2018
MEDICINE CABINET: This was easy to put together. Instructions were very clear and concise. Took a little strength for me to hold it up while putting it on the wall, but I got it done. Looks great and just what I needed in my guest bathroom.
MDF and Mirror Cabinet, White
Medicine Cabinets
September 1, 2017
The medicine cabinet arrived within 48 hours after I ordered it. 1) It was incredibly time consuming to assemble and I'm a veteran IKEA assembler. 2) Just when we finally had it assembled, the block inside the cabinet that holds the door hinge split in two.: The medicine cabinet arrived within 48 hours after I ordered it. I like the way it looks but there were two issues. 1) It was incredibly time consuming to assemble and I'm a veteran IKEA assembler. It took my husband and I over an hour. 2) Just when we finally had it assembled, the block inside the cabinet that holds the door hinge split in two. At that point, we used wood glue and a c-clamp to fix it. We'd invested too much time to return it and fortunately have a full shop so we had the materials to make the repairs. But we shouldn't have had to.
Canalles LED Mirrored Bathroom Medicine Cabinet
Medicine Cabinets
August 22, 2018
Kent Canalles LED Mirrored Bathroom Medicine Cabinet: This medicine cabinet is awesome. Is has a light in the front and there's even an outlet on the inside which is perfect for using hair tools and razors. I like that the shelving is adjustable. Super modern and sleek design! To assemble you just attach the wall hanger onto the wall, connect the wire and clip the cabinet on the wall.
Maddox Medicine Cabinet With Mirror, 35"
Medicine Cabinets
May 15, 2018
Easy to install: Sometimes it's best to keep things simple as this medicine cupboard is testament to. Installation is easy and there is no drilling required. It's great for tidying away smaller items and the mirrored doors let you do a quick last minute check before you leave for work in the morning. We love that a matching freestanding vanity is available, too: https://www.houzz.com/product/110968848-maddox-freestanding-bathroom-vanity-35-modern-bathroom-vanities-and-sink-consoles

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