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"Seaglass I" Artwork by Alan Blaustein, Champagne Molding, 17"x21"
"Seaglass I" Artwork by Alan Blaustein, Champagne Molding, 17"x21"by SCI(12)
Dress up your space or create a stunning gallery wall with the "Seaglass I" by Alan Blaustein. This elegant print comes wrapped with a champagne moulding frame measuring 17 inches by 21 inches. Hang this piece in your living room to show off your personal style, or above your bed to sleep beautifully. 16"x20" Double Molding Double Molding with inner as box. Double mat. Deco image on hardboard and place into box Molding, attach to bottom mat. Under glass. 7/8"x1 1/8" Champagne Molding Glass: 16"x20" Outer: 17"x21" Established in 2001, Star Creations Inc. set out 10 years ago with one goal in mind, beautify the world one wall at a time. Our facility boasts all of the latest in joining, cutting, assembly, mat cutting, and laminating technologies. The Star Creations team collaborates with all the major art publishers to ensure the freshest possible imagery. Our designers meet with the artists, provide art direction, and even offer exclusive artwork across a broad spectrum of subjects. We travel the world over in search of unique upscale moldings to enhance our beautiful products. Our design team can create new molding profiles to ensure your assortment stands apart from the rest. With a wide variety of products, Star's designs and innovations are at the forefront of the wall decor industry. High quality, dependability, and affordability, is the Star difference. Are We On Your Walls Yet?Read More
Shopping for wall decor is one of the most exciting parts of decorating a home. Designs can range from tiny frames to oversize 3D sculptures, but you shouldn’t let the vast choices discourage you. One person’s idea of the perfect wall art will be totally different from the next, so focus on what you are most drawn to, but keep an open mind — you may be surprised by what catches your eye. Read the following to help achieve your desired look.

Mix and match wall decorations for a custom look.

Who’s to say novelty signs, mixed-media art and metal wall art don’t belong on the same surface? The key to getting your personalized style right is to pick the pieces that you can’t live without, regardless of their medium or composition. Drawings, paintings, prints and posters have just as much of a right to be together as peanut butter and jelly. That’s not to say that a collection of coordinating photographs can’t look just as stunning, but it’s ultimately your preference that matters.

Think beyond the typical home wall decor.

Framed photos and pretty pictures are nice, but they aren’t your only option when it comes to decorating bare walls. Consider hanging up a unique rug or an intricate tapestry instead; these are not only visually appealing but add a textural element to your space. Have lots of trinkets and collectibles to display? Mount some attractive wall shelves and arrange them as you see fit. If you don’t want to poke holes through your drywall, try putting up some wallpaper or wall decals, which provide plenty of pizzazz on their own.

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Get inspired with our curated ideas for Wall Decor and find the perfect item for every room in your home. With such a wide selection of Wall Decor for sale, from brands like Trademark Fine Art, Style And Apply, and Global Gallery, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love. Shop from Wall Decor, like the the Life Path to Heart Inspirational Textual Art Wall Plaque or the "Audrey Hepburn" Framed Painting Print, while discovering new home products and designs. Whether you’re looking to buy Wall Decor online or get inspiration for your home, you’ll find just what you’re looking for on Houzz.