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Bath Mats Set 900 Gram Long-Staple Combed Cotton,(22x35) Royal Purple
Bath Mats Set 900 Gram Long-Staple Combed Cotton,(22x35) Royal Purpleby Superior(4)
Description: Luxurious Hotel and Spa Quality This two-piece set of bathroom mats will instantly transform your bathroom to a hotel-like feel. The thick and soft premium long-staple cotton was designed to last and give you instant comfort and luxury as soon as you step out of the bath. Double Layer of Absorbency Ensure maximum absorption and durability with these bath mats' long-staple cotton material and double layer of woven terry cloth. The bath mats have a weight of 900 GSM which is more than double the weight of traditional bath mats, making them the superior choice when it comes to durability and absorbency. Timeless Design The stunning and elegant design of this two-piece set of bath rugs will match almost any decor effortlessly. The Greek key bordered pattern adds extra style to the traditional bath mat design. This set of two 22 in by 35 in bath mats are great for both your master and guest bathroom, and comes in a variety of colors to suit your unique decor. Machine Washable and Dryer Safe Keep these bath mats looking their best by simply machine washing and tumble drying on low to get them back to their plush, hotel feel. These colorfast bath mats are resistant to fading so they'll continue to last after multiple washes. Features: *MAXIMUM ABSORBENCY: Made from 100% long-staple cotton with a weight of 900 GSM, this bathroom rug set offers superior absorbency compared to thinner bath mats *2-PIECE SET: Enjoy the convenience of this two-piece royal purple bath rug set (22 in x 35 in each) to outfit both your main and guest bathroom *ELEGANT DESIGN: The traditional Greek key design will add an elegant touch to your bathroom decor and coordinate beautifully with your main or guest bath *HOTEL-QUALITY FEEL: Enjoy hotel luxury in the comfort of your home with these soft spa and hotel quality bath mats *WASH AND DRY: Easy to care for, simply toss these bath mats in the washing machine and tumble dry on low whenever neededRead More
Dobby Border Luxury Hotel and Spa Bath Sheets, Set of 2, Cranberry
Dobby Border Luxury Hotel and Spa Bath Sheets, Set of 2, Cranberryby Bare Cotton(26)
Our outstanding Dobby Border Collection is 100% Turkish Cotton which provides superior ability to absorb while the distinctive woven dobby border design provides an absolute upscale look. Their ultra plush design and comfort makes them a superb addition to your bathroom experience. A separate weave sometimes in geometrical patterns which creates an inset flat portion of the towel makes the dobby border. - Long lasting softness - Double stitched edges provide high durability and long lasting. - Extraordinarily soft and becomes softer after each wash - Made from all natural materials - With the natural dobby weave the towels are an elegant addition to any bathroom. - The dobby border can be differentiated from other fancy borders because of its weave. - The dobby border provides attraction and a little bit of design that adds flair to your bathroom decorations. - Machine washable. Wash Before Using - Made in Turkey Size Chart - Bath Towel: Most Common everyday towels ( 27x54 inches ) - Hand Towel: Used to dry hands and as decorative accents ( 16x30 inches ) - Wash Cloth: Used to wash hands, body and face in and out of the shower ( 13x13 inches ) - Bath Sheets: Oversized for more coverage ( 35x70 inches ) - Oversized Bath Sheets: Oversized for more coverage ( 40x80 inches ) - Bath Mat: To provide warm non-slip surface outside the tub or shower, and absorb water like a towel. ( 39x25 inches )Read More
Because bathrooms often have neutral color schemes, one of the best ways to add some flavor and color is through the use of bath linens. By merely swapping out your bath mats and towels for newer, brighter models, you can easily turn a bland bathroom into a relaxing spa retreat or a colorful, kid-friendly haven. Here's how to effectively decorate with bath towels, bath mats and shower curtains.

What type of material is best for my bath towels?

Have you ever wondered why one towel is fluffy and soft, while another is heavier and denser? The material factors in, of course, but also of importance is the kind of yarn used. Light and fluffy bath sheets have a longer pile and are constructed using low-twist yarn. Heavier, denser bath sheets have a high-twist yarn and shorter piles, making them perfect for absorbing moisture. While the options for towel materials are numerous, here are the most effective and popular materials:
• Egyptian cotton: The fibers of this luxurious material are extra long, creating an extra-plush feel.
• Turkish cotton: This superabsorbent and plush cotton is the pinnacle of luxury. With even longer fibers than Egyptian cotton towels, Turkish cotton towels are thicker, softer and more absorbent.
• Terry cloth: This affordable natural fiber is extremely absorbent and makes a great material not only for a set of bath sheets but also for a cozy bathrobe.
• Bamboo: If you’re looking for an ecofriendly natural material, bamboo is for you. Bonuses of bamboo towels include antimicrobial qualities, super-absorbency and a soft, cozy feel.

What is the best choice for my baby towels?

You’ll want a warm, fluffy towel to reduce heat loss when you remove your baby from a nice, warm bath. The best option for this is a hooded towel, since most body heat is lost through the head. Make sure you have your baby’s towel within reach before bath time starts, so you can quickly wrap him or her up against the cold when it’s time to get out of the tub. If your baby has sensitive skin or is prone to rashes, be sure to wash your baby towels with a hypoallergenic detergent and avoid scented fabric softeners and dryer sheets. You might also want to check for loose threads and tags that might irritate your baby’s skin and remove them before use.

How do I care for my towel sets?

After investing in a new towel set, you’ll want to make sure the towels maintain their original softness and fluff for as long as possible. Here are a few towel care do’s and don’ts to get you started:
• Prewash your towels: You’ll want to wash your new beach towels or bath sheets before using them to set the color and improve their absorbency.
• Avoid at all costs: Contact with skin-care products and fabric softeners can damage your new towel. Skin-care products have been known to bleach and fade textiles, and fabric softeners can have the opposite effect than intended, stiffening your bath towels and reducing their absorbency.
• Wash with vinegar: Adding a dash of vinegar to the wash can help eliminate any musty smells and break down any unwanted residue.

Should my towels, bath mats and shower curtain match?

Instead of trying to piece together a collection one by one, invest in a towel set, which often includes multiple hand towels, washcloths and full-sized towels. If you need more than one bath mat, try to find a matching pair so they don't clash. Although the towels and bath mats don’t need to match, they should be complementary colors or include only one pattern. After all, you don’t want the room to appear too busy or overwhelming, especially if it’s a small space.

Once you have the perfect towels and mats, be sure to pick out a shower curtain that blends well with your other colors. Even though there are a lot of beautifully patterned shower curtains out there, be wary. Because of its larger surface area, a complex, multicolored curtain can appear gaudy or over the top. Once you’ve found the perfect fit, keep it nice and clean for years to come by purchasing a shower liner to act as a water barrier.

How do I select the perfect bathrobe?

If nothing sounds more relaxing than wrapping up in a cozy, soft bathrobe, you’ll definitely want to make sure you choose the right fabric. Here are some pros and cons for some common bathrobe materials:
• Microfiber: These fibers are finer than silk and are typically create a lighter and more breathable fabric. However, this superabsorbent option can run on the upper end of the price scale.
• Cotton waffle material: You’ll know this fabric when you see its distinct checkered pattern. Cotton waffle robes tend to be reasonably priced, but you’ll want to opt for one that‘s preshrunk.
• Cotton terry: Egyptian and Turkish cotton are perfect for luxuriously soft and absorbent bathrobes. They can, however, be somewhat bulkier and are prone to shrinking.
• Cotton velour: With a feel similar to velvet, these robes are soft to the touch and extra warm. They can be slightly bulky and expensive, and if you opt for this choice, you’ll want to be sure that your bathrobe’s cotton content is no lower than 80 percent.
• Silk and satin: These lightweight materials are perfect for a summer robe; however, they don’t have nearly the absorbency that a cotton robe has.

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