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Scalloped Vintage Farmhouse Rectangular Mirror
Scalloped Vintage Farmhouse Rectangular Mirrorby American Art Decor, Inc.
Decorating with mirrors can do wonders for a room; reflective surfaces expand your space, maximize light, and open up the perceived depth of an area. A mirror enclosed in a gorgeous frame? That can truly pull a room together. This wall decor features not only a high quality rectangular mirror, but a beautiful wood frame that blends folk art charm and aesthetic sophistication. The rectangular frame is crafted from wood in various natural brown tones, with three-dimensional scalloped details giving textured depth. This eye-catching element adds a touch of antique inspired elegance to accompany the mirror's clear reflective surface, ideal for spaces with vintage style. This scalloped mirror also works with as a foil to more contemporary design, or to complement the rustic wooden furnishings of a modern farmhouse home. To open up a room, place this mirror above or behind large furniture, such as a bedroom dresser or dining room buffet. This functional and decorative piece can also serve as the visual focus at the end of a hall, the centerpiece of a salon style living room gallery wall. Hanging the mirror opposite a window or lamp will cast diffused light with a unique and enchanting quality that will add charm and personality to your space. Hardware on the back of the frame is built-in, making this wall mirror ready to hang in any room that you wish to enlarge and enhance. PRODUCT SPECS: Dimensions: 38.5" H x 22" W x 2" D Weight: 16.3 lbs FEATURES/BENEFITS: Country charm - This attractive wall mirror is enclosed in a rectangular frame of rustic wood in varied tones. Textured details - The wood frame features beautiful scallop cutouts that add a layer of antique inspired sophistication to the classic frame. Versatile - This rectangular wall mirror can be hung vertically or horizontally, and is suited to a wide variety of decor styles. Ready to hang - This gorgeous mirror comes equipped with D-rings on the back, making it quick and simple to hang. Secure shipping - Your new mirror is expertly packaged for transportation to ensure that it arrives home safe and sound.Read More