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A well-placed floor lamp can make a huge impact on the ambience of a room. These tall lights illuminate dark corners and warm up the overall tone of a space, as well as make great task lights. An arc floor lamp is a popular and elegant choice, whereas a chandelier floor lamp is a more decorative option. No matter what your stylistic preference is, shop the floor lamps for sale below, and light up your home!

What style of floor lamp should I choose?

When looking at floor lamps on sale, your top choice should depend on the style of your room as well as the main function you want your lamp to perform. A more traditional room could have a torchiere floor lamp or even a Tiffany-style floor light. If your style is more modern, a tripod or an arc floor lamp will complement the room nicely. While shopping, pay attention to the style of the lampshades and bulb, as these can also make a huge difference both aesthetically and functionally. A clever way to mix and match your lamps is to mix bases and match shades. Find out more about matching shades and bases in our Lamp Shade Guide.

How tall should my floor lamp be?

For determining height, consider where your light will be placed in the room and what you want it to accomplish, plus the size of your furniture. Floor reading lamps shouldn’t extend too far up, whereas a light intended to help brighten a large corner or small room will need to be a bit taller. You also don’t want your new lamps to overpower your furniture or be in the way of everyday traffic. Also think about which type of bulb you'll be using. Led floor lamps will put off a powerful, bright light, which may not be what you're aiming for in a quiet, calming reading nook.

Where should I place my floor lamp?

When shopping for new standing lamps, keep in mind where your available electrical outlets are as well as the layout of your furniture. Avoid stringing the electrical cord across the room — it can become a tripping and fire hazard, plus it can make your space look odd and unfinished. If you choose an arc lamp, be sure to position it in the corner so anyone taking a seat doesn’t bump his or her head. Smaller floor lamps are easier to place along walls or the edges of furniture.