BAUTRIM Exterior Mouldings & Trims
BAUGRUP is a global fabricator and supplier of façade decorative architectural foam shapes for the building industry, serving the commercial, residential and entertainment segments in over 45 countries worldwide.

Ace Foam Designs USA is the producer of patented BAUTRIM products in USA.

BAUTRIM architectural shapes are specially crafted to beautify the exterior of buildings while rendering maximum durability.

By specifying BAUTRIM Products, you avoid the problems associated with products produced from conventional cementitious or other synthetic renders, such as surface cracking, detaching and color fading.
BAUTRIM Products are durable, is very practical and allows the flexibility to produce the most demanding designs, whether flat or curved, concave or convex, stone like, white and after paint becomes vibrantly colored.
BAUTRIM Moldings & Trims features:
• Flexible external surface
• Strong and hard
• Resistant to impact and mechanical stress
• Durable even in hard weather conditions
• Low water absorption
• Incredible resistance to temperature and humidity variations
• Excellent adhesion
• Very good CO2 and water vapour permeability, increasing the rate
of moisture transfer and evaporation for a breathable wall.
• Easy and fast application of the architectural shapes
• Primer and paint topcoat is applied directly on surface
• Perfect permeation with exterior construction paints
• The whiteness of coating allows easy application of bright, vibrant colours
• Perfect for all kinds of architectural shapes

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