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Unique Handcrafted Wood Flooring & Home Products of the Highest Quality – Proudly Made in the USA. Oshkosh Designs decorative inlay is designed to provide property owners with a distinctive inlay design element for new construction, remodeling, or restoration projects. The decorative inlay designs are available in natural stone and multiple species of domestic and exotic hardwoods along with various metals and glass.

Oshkosh Designs products are fully customizable, allowing you to create your very own signature flooring.

All products in Oshkosh’s product line are masterfully hand-assembled by artisan craftsmen on-site at Oshkosh Designs, and shipped intact, simplifying the inlay process and reducing installation time.

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  • Beautiful piece but...
    April 7, 2018
    Delivered and left out in the rain, got very wet. A piece fell off. We can glue it back. Too big to return