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We bought a few roses bushes a few years ago at Home Depot that had big beautiful roses and last year when they bloomed they didn’t look at all like the ones we had purchased small and not even the same color. Any advise as to what we might have done wrong or anyway we can get them to produce the bigger roses?

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HU, from what you say, it sounds like you had a sucker on each rose. If the sucker is not removed when you see it, the root rose used for grafting will take over and the entire rose reverses to the original rose, which usually is a wild red rose

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marie-a R

@ Gayle : although your message is from a year ago, I can say that all our climbing roses have had the stems grown horizontally. It "oblige" the plant to make an effort and grow new stems vertically = more roses.

@HU-574793645 : what you can do is : removing part of the soil and replace it by new fresh one.

Also : when you plant a rose tree : when you dig the hole, before planting, add an almost "rotten" egg and/or one or two peals of banana. Eggshell has many nutrients, and the peal of banana has plenty of potassium.

You can do something else now as we already are in june : either you dig carefully between the roots, add the peal of banana cut in pieces and bring back the soil.

Or, prepare this (it works for all plants) : 1 peal of banana per 1 litre of water. Let sit for 24 hours. then water your plants with it. You can prepare as much as needed and it does not cost a dime.

The most important though for all flowers of the planet is deadheading.

Leaving the seeds coming up is very tiring for the plants.

The more you clean, the more you will have flowers.


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