Thank you for choosing Swingan for your enjoyable activity needs. At Swingan, they think about “Fun and safety” for the whole family! Selecting Swingan products such as the item you have just purchased will add great structure and pleasure to your kids’ day. They have many more swings to choose from to complete your playset. They hope you enjoy the shopping experience and the endless adventure of fun which their products bring to your kids. The Swingan Advantage Quality - They pride themselves on the quality, high standards and workmanship of all their products. Every swing must meet their superior quality criteria. They make every effort to ascertain that you will enjoy your purchase for the future years. Variety – Every swing has its own unique specifications, activities, and is geared for different ages. With that in mind, they manufacture a variety of Swings in order to accommodate your diverse needs. Value – With a legendary reputation for offering brand-name products, discounted prices, and top-notch customer service; Swingan is the leading choice! They offer the best in value and in savings. Safety – At Swingan, safety isn’t just a feature, it is a main priority. Every single model being shipped from the factory is tested to ensure it meets and complies with government safety requirements.

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