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Min Mc Killopp
Christmas clean up!!! Yach, yach and Barf!
Hate it. Since I posted last I bought a Bed & Breakfast. I have also become the family “Go To” for gatherings. This Christmas I had 10. Including an ex husband !!
A whole lot of forgiveness had to happen but my sons, at least one of them, promised they would clean up and cook.
This would be a busman’s holiday for me!
Everyone leafy in a “Whoosh” yesterday leaving a veritable mess behind.
I live on my own so I have places for things and things for places.
As my home dates back to 1920s many things need to be patched, updated, washed and replaced.

So as I pack and today I have a paintbrush on

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I have Not taken down Christmas yet, I will possibly soon now that it is Jan1st. 2018! Happy New Year everyone hope it's a great year!

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I go one step further and label the front of the plastic tote bin. They are cloudy-clear and I can usually determine what is in them by looking, but I still label the contents. I also have many bins of different sizes, so it becomes almost a game of Tetris to put them back on the shelves. I give each one a number, then also number its spot on the shelf. Saves so much frustration and braintime to figure out how they go back in the garage. This is the extent of my organization for the time being.


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