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Pat D

If one member of the couple is a perfectionist, it might be better to buy a new house than to remodel the one you’re living in. I know a couple who decided to build a new house since they couldn’t find one on the market they liked. Years later they said they wished they had kept looking for a house to buy because several came on the market later that they would have been perfect!
They loved the house they built but every time something came up that they wished they had done differently, they blamed themselves for not thinking about that while building! They said it would have been so much much better to be able to blame whoever built the house they bought! LOL

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karen sinclair

As a Designer, owner of Sinclair Slone Design, and a home owner, I've been on both sides of a renovation. Having renovated 2 homes, and been in tears, I can relate to my clients frustrations when they arise. But I always tell new/potential clients the same thing: "it's exciting in the beginning, you'll love it in the end, but be prepared for frustration in the middle". It sets them up for reality but to keep the end goal in mind.

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Haha, I can totally relate to the cutting in comments - it Must Be Done Properly! And I'm guilty of being The Only One Who Can Do It..... I am also guilty of making my husband's head swirl with all my new ideas and then being surprised when he can't remember them all or remember when I've moved on to something else! We are currently in the middle of a remodel and this article contained some great reminders for (mostly) me!

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