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Choosing a laundry hamper is a fine balance between aesthetics and functionality. On one hand, you want your laundry basket to help you neatly manage and store loads of clothes. On the other, you want a hamper that complements your own personal style. Whether you’re considering a simple clothes hamper or a helpful laundry sorter, you’ve got plenty of choices.

Hampers come in all shapes and sizes, so it may be difficult to narrow down which type will work best for your routine. When comparing, don’t forget to consider how much space you have, whether your dirty clothes need to travel a long way from the bedroom to your washer and dryer, and how a specific style might match your décor.
• Plastic: A plastic laundry basket is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for something that’s affordable, easy to clean and durable. They’re lightweight and easy to carry, plus they come in all sorts of colors and designs.
• Cloth or mesh: A cloth or mesh laundry bag can be machine washed, plus they’re lightweight. They’re also breathable, which helps prevent mold and odors accumulating on damp items like workout clothes and towels.
• Wicker: If you’re looking for a design with personality and style, a wicker laundry basket is a great choice. They’re usually more expensive than cloth or plastic choices and can’t be cleaned as easily.
• Cart: A laundry cart is perfect for moving large loads of clothing across the house. While some look more industrial, others feature a chic design.
• Sorter: Whether you want to sort your clothes based on color, care requirements or by person, a laundry sorter makes it easy to keep everything separate.
• Collapsible or corner: A collapsible laundry basket is great to have when space is limited. Similarly, a corner laundry basket is shaped to fit into an unused corner of your house.