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@Marco -- my family/close friends did the same thing several years ago when many of them had financial set backs. Even though everyone is back on track now we still don't exchange gifts but do give to whatever charity we want as well are able. Since I work with a cat rescue and have several fosters, including hospice kitties, don't decorate as much either to keep things cat proof. Just get together for a big meal (pot-luck) and company. Very relaxing and 0 burnout :-)

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@Marco I love that idea! I don’t know if I could get everyone else on board but I sure would love that. I might bring it up this year and see what response I get.
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Marcelle Arsenault Daigle
Love Christmas! Always at my house, and each year we are in between 25 to 28. I always start getting ready early. As for dinner, everyone does their share, so I am not stuck with preparing a whole meal. Works out well, and nobody is tired after it’s all done! Being organized is important as it makes hosting and enjoying Christmas a whole lot easier! Merry Christmas!

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