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I have also bought 4 x 500ml soda stream bottles that we will just fill with fresh water. They are firm and easy to hold,

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1. I have a Sodastream. It saves a stackload of plastic bottles a year.

2. On my kitchen bench, there is a soup saucepan with glass lid for scraps that go to the compost. A pan with a glass lid is good for a scraps container as you can see if it needs to be emptied, rather than finding out when you open it and the wave of mould/slime smell comes at you. I line it with newspaper which makes it last longer before it smells. I toss whole thing, newspaper and all in the compost bin. Seems to work fine.

3. In my bin cupboard, there's a box for recyclable rubbish with a plastic bag clipped to it for soft plastics (goes to Redcycle bin at Coles when full). Between these and the compost bin, I have my bin rubbish down to about the size of half a supermarket bag a week.

  1. I darned socks this year. New resolution to mend, rather than to turf stuff.

  2. I have a backpack I take to the supermarket. Easy to pack and easy to carry.

6. I have saved glass jars in a range of sizes and use them to store things such as the other half of a can of beans, tuna, salad dressing etc in the fridge until it's time to eat it. With all the different sizes to choose from, I can pick one that fits the food best - food keeps best when there is as little air as possible in the container. Just pick jars with a wide opening at top so they are easy to clean.

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I shop at a bulk store where I can take my own containers for re-filling. They have an enormous range of foods, low-toxic cleaning products and alternatives for storage without plastic. I can also buy in small quantities so that I can get the right amount of a new ingredient for a particular meal and don't have leftover of that product which might sit around in the pantry for a long time.

This has become even more important to our family now that the councils' recycling system has recently crashed and all our carefully-sorted recyclables are being picked up by the general waste trucks to go to landfill!!


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