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18" Indoor/Outdoor Wall Clock with Thermometer by Pure Garden, Distressed Black
18" Indoor/Outdoor Wall Clock with Thermometer by Pure Garden, Distressed Blackby Pure Garden(3)
The Wall Clock Thermometer is a necessity for any home! This convenient piece features accurate quartz timekeeping and also measures both temperature and humidity; it's great to have in all seasons. With a sleek antique bronze finish, this hanging clock thermometer is a wonderful addition to any area of the home, indoors or outside; hang it by your pool, patio, porch, deck, kitchen, or sunroom. Equipped with an 18 display face, you can easily read the temperature at glance, while the waterproofing and sturdy steel construction ensures that the gauge will survive any weather conditions. It's an attractive and functional piece for your home! SATISFACTION GUARANTEED- Pure Garden is committed to providing the consumer with the absolute best price and value on our entire line of products, which we ensure by applying a rigorous quality control process. NOTE: This is an exclusive product of Pure Garden and ONLY Wall Clock Thermometers by Pure Garden are GUARANTEED to be genuine IMPORTANT: Avoid buying counterfeit products and transacting with unauthorized sellers. Look for our logo on the packaging for every one of our products. PERFECT FOR ALL SEASONS- This convenient piece gives readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit, features accurate quartz timekeeping, and also measures both temperature and humidity; it's great to have in all seasons. INDOOR/OUTDOOR USE- The wall thermometer is perfect for both indoor or outdoor use; hang it by your pool, patio, deck, porch, or shed, as well as in your kitchen, sunroom, or living room. ATTRACTIVE AND PRACTICAL- With an attractive antique bronze finish and 18 display face, you can easily read the time and temperature at glance. The waterproofing and sturdy metal construction ensures that the clock will survive any weather conditions. ACCURATE READINGS- The clock operates on one AA battery to power the precision Quartz movement. Once the clock has been in a set place for 2 hours, it gives accurate readings of temperatures from -10-130°F, and humidity readings from 0-99%. PRODUCT DETAILS- Materials: Metal base with glass lens. Dimensions: (Diameter)18 x (Depth)2.5. One AA battery needed (not included, recommend Carbon Zinc AA battery for most accurate clock movement). Color: Antique Bronze.Read More
Park Avenue Mantel Clock
Park Avenue Mantel Clockby Howard Miller
This limited edition key-wound mantel clock features a hand-rubbed, highly polished Gloss Black piano finish accented by a polished chrome plated brass and polished chrome-plated brass feet. The highly reflective shine and luster of the chrome case is the result of extensive polishing operations. The see-through acrylic dial features polished stainless steel chrome markers with black insets; polished stainless steel chrome hands with black insets; and a polished chrome finished bezel. With highly polished and reflective metal finishes, natural blemishes are normal. Beveled glass is provided throughout including the sides, back, and top of the clock allowing additional lighting to cascade in and brighten the view of the highly polished chrome plated brass movement. Front and back doors are hinged allowing access to the movement and the interior of the case. A high-precision, German-made Kieninger key-wound, triple-chime movement plays choice of Westminster, St. Michael, or Whittington 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 chimes accordingly with full chime and strike on the hour, and features a Swiss style escapement (11 jewels with screw balance), an 8-rod gong, and durable bronze bushings. Run time is seven days. Chime silence and an automatic nighttime chime shut-off option between 10:00 pm and 7:15 am. An industry exclusive dual-ratchet winding arbor ensures safe movement winding. A free nickel heirloom nameplate with be engraved with your name and special date. Designed and assembled in Germany and in the USA. INT1017 Height 10.25" (26 cm) Width 10" (25 cm) Depth 7.25" (18 cm)Read More
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Clocks today go far beyond the standard cuckoo or grandfather styles — everything from a futuristic digital alarm clock to a simplistic wood grain piece can add a touch of personal style and functional flair to your home.

Whether you're mounting your clock on your wall as a focal point, using it as a bedside reference, or adorning your desk, a clock is always a useful addition to any space.

What size clock should I buy?

When figuring out what size you should purchase, answer the following questions:

Where is this clock going to go?

Are you looking for an old-school wall clock or a transportable, battery-powered desk clock?

What will be the overall function of this clock?

Are you a fan of the Roman Numeral clock or do you prefer digital clocks?

Knowing exactly where you want your clock to go and why you need it will help you purchase something that works well in the space you have, both aesthetically and functionally.

What kinds of clocks are available?

Today, there are a wide range of features that clocks have, and a range of functions they can provide. Radio, alarms, satellite radio, MP3 hook ups, and more are all part of a potential package. Like any home appliance, it's simply a matter of thinking about what you want to get out of this clock, and how much you want to spend. If you're just looking for a simple timer in the kitchen, it's probably not worth it to splurge on a clock with Sirius XM radio built in.

What style clock should I look for?

You will look at your clock constantly (especially if you’re a highly punctual person!), so make sure you absolutely love it! In terms of general functionality, don’t choose a piece with Roman Numerals if you have a hard time reading them; conversely, if you can’t stand the neon glare of digital numbers, consider an analog clock. Aesthetically, you’ll also want to ensure that your new clock purchase also works well with the accessories and home decor you currently have. Even if your new clock is just going on your nightstand, picking something in a fun design can make a huge difference in terms of your room’s vibe; your alarm clock is going to be one of the first things you see in the morning, so make it something you'll be happy to wake up to! In terms of wall clocks, or larger floor or grandfather clocks, these statement pieces can really complement your living room and uplevel your decor — just make sure to choose a style and material that you won’t mind looking at for awhile!

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