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Food storage can be a never-ending challenge in your kitchen, no matter how much pantry or cabinet space you have. Getting and keeping things organized can be frustrating as your food stocks grow, become depleted and change over time. Luckily there are a variety of food storage solutions available that are not only functional but visually appealing as well. Read on for tips to store your food in style:

Kitchen canisters are a great way to store and organize dry goods like pasta, peas and lentils, coffee beans and cereal. Purchasing canister sets ensures your food storage containers will all match in style and color — though of course you can also aim for an eclectic vibe with a mixture of styles and sizes. Some are also designed for specific purposes, such as a cereal dispenser or olive oil dispenser.

For perishables, airtight containers are necessary. These can store leftovers and unused parts of foods in your refrigerator or freezer. If you pack a lunch, you can use them to separate and store food you plan on eating at the office or school. Bread can pose a wholly different challenge: Leave it in the pantry and it may quickly mold; store it in the freezer and it becomes stale and dry. A bread box is designed to store your bread in an almost airtight space. Only a small amount of air is allowed inside to keep your bread fresh for as long as possible.

With such a huge variety to choose from, there’s no reason to let those half finished food packages take up space in your pantry or freezer, or to toss out leftovers instead of saving them for later. Pick out a few food storage containers for your pantry and refrigerator, or go all out with a full set to keep everything in your kitchen organized and properly stored.