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Fire Pits

Don’t let chilly weather keep you cooped up indoors! With an outdoor fire pit, you can throw a backyard soiree and socialize with family and friends anytime of the year. With a variety of styles and designs to choose from, a fire bowl is an ideal addition to any patio or deck. Check out the backyard fire pits for sale below and find your new favorite entertaining piece!

What fuel source should my fire pit have?

There are a number of ways to keep your flames dancing, so it’s important to consider the characteristics of each fuel type when perusing fire pits on sale. Here are some of the most common fuel sources you can choose from:

Gas. The gas fire pit is a popular choice thanks to its ease of use and low maintenance. These propane-powered models are simple to both ignite and extinguish, and propane gas tends to be environmentally friendly and affordable. The only downside is that you will need to replace the propane tank every so often.
Wood. A wood-burning fire pit is reminiscent of campfires and outdoor adventures. Wood is an ideal fuel source for portable fire pits and produces colorful flames and an earthy fragrance. It will require clean up after use, however, and can be difficult to ignite. Don’t use pressure-treated wood as it might contain dangerous toxins; instead, consider woods like red oak, white oak, beech, birch, ash, hickory and maple.
Charcoal. If you purchase a wood-burning style, you can also try burning charcoal. This is perfect for a backyard barbecue and roasting marshmallows for s’mores. However, charcoal, like wood, will require clean up after use.
Gel fuel. This fuel type is both budget-friendly and long-lasting. Most cans last around two and a half to three hours; however, you can cut your usage short and reuse the can if you have not used all of the product!

What styles of fire pits are available?

Fire bowls and pits come in many forms, which makes it easy to select a piece that appeals to your personality and fits your needs. In terms of material and aesthetics, a metal fire pit is always a popular and chic choice; a concrete fire bowl is also considered a sleek addition to an outdoor area. A ceramic fire pit gives off an earthy vibe whereas a round fire pit comprised of stones gives you the feeling of camping outdoors.

While browsing fire pits for sale, you will run into the following designs:

A smaller design, braziers date back to ancient times when they were used to provide heat, brighten outdoor areas and cook food. Try placing several small braziers around your outdoor space for a unique effect.
Portable fire pits are typically made of metal or ceramic and usually feature legs and wheels. They make it easy to move your main source of heat and light to wherever the party goes.
A table fire pit is cleverly designed to (safely) allow your guests to place items on the tabletop surface surrounding the flames, making for a cozy and unique dining experience.
A fire ring is a circular device usually made of steel or concrete that surround and contain a fire that is built directly on the ground. These simple but effective designs have no bottom and are purely utilized for containment. More innovative fire rings may have metal bars so that the fire may be used for cooking as well.
The portable fire bowltakes on the form of a large bowl supported by a stand. Yours may even be able to use a gel fuel, which tends to be alcohol-based and burns clean.
The most common style, traditional fire pits, can technically either be holes dug into the ground or freestanding pieces. Traditionally for home usage, such as on a deck or a porch, a fire pit is a pre-made, portable piece comprised of stone, brick or metal.

Is there anything else I should consider before buying my new fire bowl?

As the old adage states, don’t play with fire or you’ll get burned! Since you’ll be fueling live flames, it’s important to check with your city to ensure that your outdoor fire pit is up to code. Additionally, you’ll always want to clear the surrounding space of any loose branches, brush or flammable materials. Your city may also be able to provide more specific guidance on how large of an area must be cleared, but in general, a minimum of six feet is recommended. Last but certainly not least, follow these safety tips to ensure your fire pit experience is nothing less than exceptional:

  • Never leave your fire pit unattended.
  • Always have a fire extinguisher easily accessible (and make sure it hasn’t expired!).
  • Be aware of children and pets.
  • Do not touch your fire pit while it is in use.
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    Featured Reviews of Fire Pits

    Kentwood Outdoor Fire Pit
    Fire Pits
    July 15, 2017
    Great look for the price: Arrived well pack, VERY nice looking piece. Perfect size for patio. I had read that they crack do to heat but made purchase due to other reviews. Mine cracked in 4 spots after just 4 fires
    Solid Base Revolver Fire Pit With Wooden Top
    Fire Pits
    May 9, 2017
    Burns like fire: She's black as coal but she burns like fire. She'll wrap herself around you like well worn tire. I'm very impressed with the craftsmanship of the simple modern outdoor fire. I'm looking forward to many a marshmallow roast with my family.
    Wesley Fire Ring, 38"
    Fire Pits
    June 7, 2017
    Exactly as described: This is a really nice fire ring. The quality is very nice, it has a new, clean look, the metal is strong, the hardware is good quality and the three parts fit together well. The manufacturer shipped it promptly. The shipping package was a little bent up, I think the packaging needs some vertical or corner supports, but the product is in perfect shape. I would definitely order from this manufacturer again, but maybe I would get the larger size.
    Vermont Outdoor 32-Inch Square Liquid Propane Fire Pit With Lava Rocks
    Fire Pits
    September 22, 2016
    Perfect fire pit: Looks even better than picture and top edge that can be used for setting drinks... is wider than it appears, very sturdy, easy hook up to propane tank, up and running immediately. Was so happy to find something that fit our old house, more natural looking, not overly modern, nor does it become the center of attention - love it.
    Eldon Tabletop Fire Bowl, Suffolk Tan
    Fire Pits
    July 22, 2017
    Awesome: Was looking for some addition to my patio without adding another piece of furniture. Fire bowl was an excellent choice. The table is still useable for dining and the bowl looks as if it's part of the table. Easy install and looks great To conceal the propane tank. I used a round 15 gal. Barrel and sprayed it flat black to match the table. It fits directly under the bowl and looks like part of the table.
    Memel Modern Outdoor Patio Rust and Stainless Steel Fire Pit, Large 31"
    Fire Pits
    March 29, 2017
    It's art!: I just received this bowl today and it is absolutely gorgeous and of high quality manufacture. The stand is very well made, the bowl is sturdy but not too heavy. There are little divots on the outside of the bowl to stabilize it on the stand. This thing is going to last a very long time. I haven't built a fire in it yet, so it remains to be seen how that will work. I've already come back to purchase the steel lid. It will make a nice table when we aren't using it for fire. Bonus: I received it 2 days after ordering it, well packed. I can't wait until I finish furnishing my new patio so I can post a picture!
    Wesley Fire Ring, 60"
    Fire Pits
    June 13, 2017
    I bought this 60" fire ring on line.: I bought this 60" fire ring on line. It was quick and easy. Nice webisire. The ring was easy to assemble and seems very sturdy. I was a bit skeptical based on the price but to. my surprise it really is rather nice. I highly recommend this item and website.
    Manhattan Fire Pit Table, Chat Height, Natural Gas
    Fire Pits
    May 13, 2018
    Love this fire pit!: This fire pit looks amazing in our deck. We also changed out the lava rocks for blue glass. My husband was even able to make a great cover for it because we have a lot of pine needles in our yard.
    Jaxon 50K BTU Outdoor Fire Table With Tank Holder
    Fire Pits
    March 6, 2018
    Mostly great: So far we like this a lot. It is not even close to white. It is definitely a gray, close to medium gray. We did not use the lava rock, but fireplace glass instead. Very disappointed that you have to leave the part that emits the flames fully exposed. it doesn’t look as good that way, but works better for sure. Also unfortunate that it doesn’t come with a cover for the ‘table’ that covers the tank. I haven’t been able to find one that size yet, and the instructions make a big point of telling you to keep the firepit covered any time it is not in use. It also says to not do things like write on a paper placed on the material without putting padding under the paper, so since the tank cover is made of the same material as the firepit, I assume it is just as important for the tank to be covered. We are using black garden trash bags at the moment. There is also not information about the hose, and how much that can be exposed to the elements. I’m going to use a very large cover to go over the entire seating set, once we have the patio set up. But for now, we re working piece meal trying to keep it all protected.
    Merrick Fire Ring
    Fire Pits
    January 22, 2018
    Nice fire ring.: Fire ring is very nice. The metal is heavy duty and should last for years. I would have given 5 stars if holes lined up a little better. When bolted together the alignment of the holes causes the 4 segments of the ring to be off about 1/4 - 1/2" from segment to segment. I will probably lay out the ring on a flat surface and weld it together for a more permanent construction.

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