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8W LED Picture Light, Plug-In/Hardwire, White
8W LED Picture Light, Plug-In/Hardwire, Whiteby W86 Trading Co., LLC(6)
Attractive Design: Slim and classic appearance with White finish; Enhance the look of your decorative items with its 3000K warm white glow Versatile Lighting: 270 swivel light head allows you to tilt it upward or downward wherever you need the light focus to be; 120 beam angle always light up a large area around your artwork Two Installation Options: Available for both plug-n-play and hardwire mount depending on different conditions; easy to install with the provided mounting accessories Premium Quality: Full metal construction for outstanding durability; UL-listed power cord ensures reliable quality and safe usage. Low heat emission best preserves your artwork throughout its long service life Better Lighting Effect: 560lm brightness produces the perfect amount of lighting for your wall art. High CRI90+ and uniform lighting distribution make your beloved painting, poster, tapestry, diplomas a focal point Lighting can cause a big difference especially for a fine piece of artwork. An appropriate picture light is essential to show off your artwork and decoration on the wall. It not only helps you highlight your favorite pieces of paintings but also creates a dramatic effect in the surrounding areas. LEONLITE high-efficiency LED picture light is designed to add shine to your beloved wall artworks. Product Benefits: - Eye-catching design with White finish makes your wall decorations unique and timeless. - Achieve your desired lighting angle thanks to the swivel light head. - Suitable for both plug-n-play and hardwire mounting method. 7.9ft long power cable makes plug-n-play use very easy. A variety of mounting accessories provided for hardwiring. - 3000K warm white glow without pale white adds an elegant touch to the surroundings. - 560lm appropriate brightness avoids the light being too dim or overwhelming. - Free from ultraviolet radiation and generates low heat, safe for precious paintings or piece of art. - Reliable quality and durable usage guaranteed with full metal housing. - 80% energy savings by replacing 40W halogen lighting fixtures with 8W consumption. Warranty Comes with 2 years product warranty for customer's rights and benefits, satisfaction guarantee. Specifications Wattage: 8W Voltage: 95V-240V Luminous flux: 560lm CCT: 3000K Warm White Beam angle: 120 CRI>90 Waterproof: Damp location Cable cord length: 7.9ft Finish: White Lifespan: 15,000hrs Working temperature: 32-140 Material: MetalRead More
Rite Lite  LED Wireless Picture Light
Rite Lite LED Wireless Picture Lightby Rite Lite
We look forward for a unique, work art of lighting. Natural variations, in the wide array of materials that we use to create each product, make every item a masterpiece of its own. We provide you a fair and good finishing. We develop innovations, technologies and value that transcend architectural lighting for any budget or economy. This Light will be more comfortable for dining room, living room and home decor.The Rite Lite Wireless LED picture light is the perfect light to highlight artwork, pictures or diplomas hanging on the wall. The eight white LEDs are super bright and last up 100,000 hours. This light is battery operated (batteries not included), therefore no wires or installation are required. More importantly no more messy wires hanging from the bottom of a beautiful piece of art! The adjustable light heads rotate independently to direct light right where you need it. Choose from three light settings: on, dim or off. The brushed metal finish makes this light museum quality. Includes a screw mount bracket which slides off easily to change batteries. A great multi-use light perfect for home or office. Features *Metal housing; adjustable head; one-touch on/off/dimmer switch *Uses 3 AA batteries (not included); screw mount bracket included *Cordless design features energy saving LEDs and a dimmable switch found on the end of the light arm *Integrated LEDs; light output 70 lumens. Light output comparable to a 15 watt incandescent bulb. 3000K color temperature Specifications *Color: SilverRead More
An easy way to add a pop of color or texture to your walls is to hang up a painting, photo or other work of art that appeals to you. Once you’ve brought your new masterpiece home and found it a place on your wall, be sure that poor lighting doesn’t detract from the statement you intended to make. Poor lighting can distort colors and add unappealing shadows, making it hard to fully appreciate artwork and other wall decorations. Solving this frustrating problem is simple, though. By adding picture lights you can illuminate the grandeur and beauty of your wall décor for all to see and enjoy.

What styles of art lighting can I choose from?

Your picture lights can come in a few different shapes. Most are shaped like bars, which provide the most illumination and are a great choice for larger wall décor pieces. Others are more like spotlights, and they can help illuminate smaller works of art. There are also a few different ways your display lighting can be mounted, including freestanding, wall-mounted and clamp-on.
• Freestanding: If there’s no possible way you’ll be able to attach a picture light to your wall or the artwork itself, freestanding art lighting is the perfect solution. This style resembles a floor lamp and simply needs to be positioned near your artwork to provide ample illumination. You can easily adjust where the light is directed and no DIY handiwork is needed. This is also a great choice if you’re renting since it won’t leave any holes in the wall or ceiling.
• Wall-mounted: If you’re worried about your artwork becoming damaged or don’t have a frame to mount a picture light to, you can attach this style to the wall just above your piece. This also allows you to switch out your artwork as you please without having to worry about re-attaching the light. If you do install wall-mounted picture lights, be sure there is enough room between the picture and the ceiling for the light to fit.
• Clamp-on: This style either attaches to the back of the artwork and arches over to provide light, or is clipped onto the frame. If your decoration is unframed or has an heirloom or expensive frame, this may not be the best choice as it could cause damage.

What sizes do picture lights come in?

When choosing the size of your art lighting, make sure it’s not so large as to overwhelm your décor, but also not so small that it doesn’t provide enough light. Here are a few general guidelines to point you in the right direction:
• 8- to 14-inch frame: 4.5-inch picture light
• 12 to 18 inches: 5.5 inches
• 16 to 24 inches: 7 to 9 inches
• 25 to 37 inches: 14.5 to 16 inches
• 38 inches or more: 30 inches

What kind of bulb should my picture light have?

Generally, incandescent and halogen lights are recommended for lighting artwork. Incandescent bulbs are touted for their warm illumination that highlights reds and yellows and flatters blues and greens. Halogen bulbs produce the purest white light that brings out all of the rich colors in your artwork, but they also generate quite a bit of heat and should be placed well away from the surface of your frame, canvas or wall. Fluorescent lights are the poorest choice since the UV rays they give off can damage your artwork as well as distort the colors.

Most galleries aim for light that mimics daylight no matter which type of bulb they use, but you’ll still want to be careful since very bright, high temperature bulbs in the daylight range can still be a bit too harsh. When choosing your bulbs, keep in mind that the temperature range for emulating daylight is between 5,500 and 6,500K (Kelvins), though some as low as 3,500 may produce an delightful ambience, as well.

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