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Wall and Floor Tile

Installing new tile is a great way to update the look of a space and add lasting value. Not only is floor and wall tile endlessly customizable, as it comes in a variety of different styles and materials, but new tile flooring can also add to the overall comfort and durability of your home. During your search, whether you’re looking for kitchen backsplash ideas or deciding what floor tile material to use, it’s important to consider both aesthetics and function. You’ll want something that can hold up against daily use in the kitchen or bathroom, so consider the guidelines below as you search for the right tile for your space.

What is the best material for wall or floor tile?

Evaluate your lifestyle and the area that you want to add tiling to. Is it a high traffic or use area? Is it outdoors? Will it be exposed to moisture on a regular basis? Knowing the location and the type of wear and tear that an area will experience is vital to making a design decision. Some common floor and wall tile materials include:

Ceramic: Ceramic tile flooring is a great choice in any area that’s exposed to moisture, outside elements or a lot of foot traffic. It’s a highly durable material and typically treated with an abrasive to prevent slips, making it well suited for floor tiles. While ceramic tiles are a pricier option, they will age well. Just make sure there are no flaws in the glaze, or if they are unglazed consider sealing them so they become stain resistant.

Porcelain: Porcelain is often chosen as a tile material because it’s dense, hard and even more resistant to wear and moisture than ceramic. Porcelain floor tile can also be designed to make tile that looks like wood. Wood tile is a popular choice for bathrooms or other places that are especially moisture-prone and unsuitable for real wood. When choosing tiles for various parts of the home, you can consult the Porcelain Enamel Institute’s rating system. Ratings range from one to five, with one and two being strictly for walls and countertops, and three to five for floors.

Glass: The smooth, glossy finish of glass tile makes it ideal to accent any space, but one of the most popular applications is in a glass tile backsplash. Glass tiles come in a variety of finishes and looks, and can create a beautiful focal point in the kitchen. The material also doesn’t stain, fade or scratch easily, so you can depend on its durability for use as bathroom tiles. In particular, glass is a great option for shower tile because it’s highly watertight, so water or moisture permeating the surface is not an issue. Similarly, its weather-resistant qualities make it the perfect pool tile.

Granite, Marble, Slate and Other Natural Stone: These materials are extremely durable and hard and are great for a statement-making stone backsplash or tile floor. They are typically more costly and often require either a sealing treatment or extra maintenance, so be aware of what’s involved before purchasing them. However, a granite or marble backsplash can look especially elegant and polished in the kitchen. These strong materials can also be wise choices for creating stately and lasting tile flooring.

What style of tile do I want for my space?

The color, patterning and type of tile you choose for your home can make a big difference in the look and feel of a space. It can be exciting to create an entirely new look through your kitchen backsplash tile or bathroom floor tile — there are endless options to choose from! For example, a clean white subway tile backsplash is a classic choice that will stand the test of time. If you want to go for something a bit more visually striking, a herringbone backsplash will do the trick. Fish scale tile, which has a rounded look, can look beautiful in bathrooms or homes with a beachy style. If you’re looking to quickly and easily add a pop of color to your home, peel and stick backsplash tile in a vibrant pattern is a popular solution. Once you’ve chosen a material, picking out one of the many types of floor tile patterns can also be a big decision. Ceramic floor tile can come in beautiful Mediterranean patterns, while wood-look tile can offer rustic or farmhouse style. You might also consider the size and shape of your tiles when thinking about the look you want to go for. While square or rectangular tiles are a classic choice, hexagon floor tile is visually intriguing and can work with a variety of styles.
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Featured Reviews of Wall and Floor Tile

12"x12" Carrara White Basketweave Mosaic, Black Dots Polished, Chip Size: 1"x2"
Wall and Floor Tile
April 27, 2016
Beautiful product: We bought this tile to replace our bathroom flooring which used to be a white porcelain hexagonal tile. I liked it but the grout lines drove me crazy. The tile is gorgeous and looks great in our bathroom. We have a white vanity with a black granite counter top and it looks great. My husband installed the tile which seemed to be a bit of a headache for him but he got it done. We used a dark gray grout. Price was great for this tile and looks so elegant and sophisticated.
7"x8" Alec Wall/Floor Tiles, Set of 7, Matte Black
Wall and Floor Tile
January 8, 2017
Super!: After ordering several samples, so glad to find this quality tile: high rating and the glossy white is lovely. One of my samples from a different vendor was a matte white in a similar looking tile, this porcelain tile and the glossy finish is exceptional in comparison.
13"x13" Isla Floor/Wall Tiles, Set of 10, Blue
Wall and Floor Tile
March 31, 2017
Beautiful blue tiles: I am really happy with these tiles, the quality was excellent and there was no problem with chippage or breakage of the tiles. I used antique white grout to tie it all together. I had painted my cupboards with chalk paint, and the slightly weathered tiles fit in well.
Kaligaris Porcelain Art Tiles, Set of 16, 9.75"x9.75", Black
Wall and Floor Tile
December 16, 2016
Beautiful: This tile is beautiful! Fast delivery and no issues with breakage. So happy with this purchase. The black in this tile is more of an antique black or charcoal black---not a dark black.
12"x12" Ronson Marble Tiles, Set of 8
Wall and Floor Tile
August 15, 2017
Beautiful!: This tile mixes nicely w/ a variety of grays, blues, brown tones and even purples and lavenders-and those are just the ones I've tried. The variation in the colors also helps to hide dirt and paw prints. I'm so pleased with the way this looks it may be going in the 2nd bathroom as well.
Subway Backsplash Tile, Shiny Gloss, 3"x6"
Wall and Floor Tile
April 17, 2017
Great find!: I oredered a sample of subway tile before committing to a project. I was skeptical that it may not be that great because of the price. I thought there had to be a catch. I was blown away that it was so beautiful and the price is so cheap! I will now be ordering more!
Nomi Mosaic Cement Tiles, Set of 12, Black and White, 8"x8"
Wall and Floor Tile
September 12, 2017
As advertised...: These tiles arrived and I am very happy- they are what they look like online! (you never know sometimes!) The black isn't as dark/crisp as I expected, I guess. But I'm thinking it may darken up once we seal it. Even if it doesn't, I'm happy with the product. It's a beautiful pattern!
8"x8" Cantamar Handmade Tiles, Set of 12, Black and White
Wall and Floor Tile
September 16, 2017
Lovely tiles: Beautiful tiles. Looks great in the powder bathroom. A few tiles had finger paint smudges that we had our tiler use on the edges. Wished these came pre-sealed. Very happy with the purchase
8"x8" Monet Handcrafted Geometric Cement Tiles, Set of 12, Black and White
Wall and Floor Tile
March 7, 2018
Wonderfull Fireplace!!: Used this on my fireplace and it looks great and is good quality. Colours are for sure a more greyed out black and warm white. I did however mark some of the tiles and Im a little bit afraid of what will happen when I try to clean them (suggestions welcome)
13”x13” Yates Tile, Set of 10
Wall and Floor Tile
April 19, 2018
Gorgeous!: Ordered 5 boxes, which shipped very fast and came all intact. This tile is so unique and really does look naturally aged. It was hard to find the right tile as our house was built in the mid 1700s and we didn't want anything too modern. This fits perfectly. Cannot wait to put it in our new bathroom.

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