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When the weather is nice, enjoying an al fresco dinner on your patio is an opportunity you don't want to miss out on. You can make this dream a reality just by setting up some Outdoor Dining Furniture and inviting over a few friends and neighbors. Whether it's a complete patio dining set with enough room to seat eight people comfortably, or a small bistro set for a more intimate setting, you'll be happy to have an outdoor dining option.

Patio dining sets and bistro sets are an easy way to start. You’ll have a table and set of chairs that match not online in style and colors, but also in height. Of course, you can always mix and match, especially if you already own one or two pieces that you’d like to keep.

Selecting a bistro table and chairs isn’t just a choice between design and colors. Make sure you also note the materials, plus their durability, weather resistance and weight, before you buy. Choices like aluminum and plastic are lightweight and easy to move, while cast iron and steel are heavier yet extremely durable. Wood, specifically teak and cedar, is a great choice, too.

Be sure that your outdoor bar stools and chairs are an appropriate height for your table, too. It’s recommended that the seat of your dining chair is about 18 or 19 inches tall, and leave about 12 inches between the top of your seat and the top of the table. Bar stools can be a bit trickier, as they come in about 4 different sizes:
• 34 to 36 inches: 44- to 46-inch high counter
• 30 to 36 inches: 40- to 46-inch high counter
• 24 to 29 inches: 34- to 40-inch high counter
• 17 to 23 inches: 28- to 30-inch high counter

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Take a peek at our wide selection of outdoor dining chairs, bar stools and tables and imagine yourself enjoying a savory, four-course meal outdoors with family and friends. Yum!