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You've purchased a beautiful new carpet or rug for your home and it looks absolutely stunning, of course. Before you get ready to enjoy your new addition, remember that carpets and rugs can cause trouble underfoot if not installed correctly. This is nothing a non-slip rug pad in between your new carpet and your floor won't fix, though. A rug pad helps ensure no one will take an untimely tumble, plus your new rugs will stay put and not migrate across the floor an inch or two each day.

While carpets and rugs provide extra cushioning and sound absorption on their own, you may want to add a carpet underlay to double up on these qualities. Carpet padding can provide extra comfort, especially in high traffic areas. If you've found the perfect kitchen mat, this is another prime spot to add a rug pad for extra cushioning while you do the dishes or mix up a delightful dinner.

Find rug pads to match your new carpets right here on Houzz. We've got a great selection of carpet gripper designs and rug pads in a range of sizes.

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