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Whether you’re looking to add texture to your kitchen backsplash, transform your bathroom floor or create an interesting mural in your home, mosaic tiles are the perfect option! Typically made from glass or stone and inlaid into a creative design, these types of tiles help add texture and color to any design. On Houzz, you’ll find a wide variety of colors, materials and patterns that can be combined with your other furniture and décor to accent your home in a way that truly matches your style and personality.

Color is the Spice of Life

Mosaic tile is the perfect way to add a pop of color around your home. Kitchens are often decorated with soft, muted tones; however, colorful mosaic tile can make your kitchen stand out from the crowd. To create a warm and inviting kitchen, you can experiment playing with yellow, orange and red mosaic tiles. These warm hues are inviting in almost any home. If you’re already embracing a bold and colorful kitchen, then you can even use flecked or muted mosaic tiles to tie in each element and color.

Mix Materials for a Bold Impact

The sky is the limit when it comes to shopping for mosaic tiles on Houzz. With fourteen different types of mosaic tile materials, from glass to slate, you’ll find tile that truly matches your design. If you’re looking for a porous and easy-to-clean bathroom tile, then glass mosaic tile is your best option. The iridescent shine and bold color of glass make it perfect for a statement bathroom. If you’re renovating your kitchen and want to depart from a traditional backsplash, but still want to incorporate natural elements, then slate or stone is also a great option. Regardless of which material you choose, consider ordering a small sample and look at it next to other materials in the room to make sure it complements your existing design.

Decorate with Patterns that Draw the Eye

The wide variety of mosaic tile patterns make them perfect for adding visual interest to your home. If you’re looking to redesign your hearth, then mosaic tiles might just be the perfect option. You can replace outdated brick with multiple different colors of mosaic tiles. When you’re looking at the fireplace at night, mosaic tiles glow and shine in a way that is truly unique. Our favorite fireplaces use a variety of neutral and colorful mosaic tiles to create a well-balanced visual element that your guests won’t forget.

Whether you’re purchasing mosaic tile for your own DIY project or working with a kitchen or bathroom remodeler, you’ll find the best options on Houzz! After ordering a small sample to make sure the mosaic tile looks great with your other furniture and décor, measure your space to determine the exact amount of tile you’ll need to bring your design to life.