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Major Kitchen Appliances

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Major kitchen appliances are major helpers. Refrigerators and freezers, for example, help prolong the life of perishables, while cooktops and ovens aid us in turning those ingredients into delicious meals. The key to a functional kitchen is having each of your appliances work as a team. However, the importance of each one varies from person to person — cooking appliances that are luxuries to some might be necessities to others.

To figure out exactly which kitchen appliances you should purchase, think about the type of cooking you do and how often you do it. Do a lot of baking but not so much stovetop cooking? Put your money toward a quality oven and put the range and vent combo on the backburner. If heat-and-eat is your style, a new microwave should be at the top of your list. Ever have to wash a massive pile of dishes by hand? Then you know how necessary a dishwasher is. When it comes to choosing between the high-end kitchen appliances versus the middle-of-the-road models, evaluate what you can realistically afford and how often you’ll use them. There are plenty of great designs that won’t break your budget, but if you can justify the cost, go for the good stuff!

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