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You can save valuable floor space and cast ambient light throughout your rooms with wall lights. These come in a myriad of styles, making it easy to choose one that fits with your current decor. A few things to consider when shopping for wall lighting are: the direction of the light, the exact placement of the fixture, and the amount of illumination you actually need. Each of these factors influences the type of wall light fixture that will work best for you.

Wall sconces are an elegant approach that cast light up toward the ceiling or down toward the floor. They tend to be more flush with the wall and cast soothing light. Some styles feature shades, while others resemble or include candles. Sconces are also a great solution for bathroom vanity lighting.

Speaking of bathroom vanity lights, along with a sconce you can choose between brackets, strip lights and even pendants. Whichever style you choose, make sure it’s installed in a location that doesn’t cast shadows over your face as you gaze in the mirror, and that the light provided is flattering yet bright enough to allow you to shave or apply makeup with ease.

If you’re looking for a way to highlight an art collection, tapestry or unique wall décor, picture lights are the perfect solution. These can be mounted on the wall or clipped onto a frame, and are specially designed to showcase the rich colors and textures of artwork.

As for reading nooks and bedside tables or sofas, a swing arm wall lamp is an exceptionally functional choice. These can be extended out over your book or magazine, then pushed back against the wall when not in use. Another prime location is at your desk or any other location where you’ll be tackling projects that require task lighting.

Whichever type of wall light fixtures you require, you’ll find dozens of styles and designs right here on Houzz. Learn more about using wall lights as accent lighting in your home with this guide.