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Wall Mirrors

Clarence Medium Silver Wall Vanity Mirror
Clarence Medium Silver Wall Vanity Mirrorby American Art Decor$205.01$94(1)Sponsored
This rectangular wall mirror is enclosed in our Clarence style frame in a metallic polished silver, featuring a textured accent of antique inspired detail. The mirror edges are beveled to give an additional touch of sophistication. Mirrors expand your space and maximize natural light, opening up the room with a feeling of greater depth. Place a mirror opposite a window or behind a pendant or table lamp to cast diffused light with a unique and enchanting look. This functional and decorative piece can serve as the visual focus at the end of a hall, or the centerpiece of a room with silver or metallic accents. Hang this gorgeous mirror above or behind a dresser, vanity, or other large furniture; this decor approach will open up your bedroom, dining room, or any location you would like to enlarge and enhance with elegant design. The inside mirror dimensions are 20" x 16", with a 1" bevel. The overall dimensions with the frame are 25" H x 21.25" W x .75" D. PRODUCT SPECS: Dimensions: 25" H x 21.25" W x .75" D Weight: 6.1 lbs FEATURES/BENEFITS: Eye-catching - A high quality mirror in a striking frame is truly in the canon of iconic design elements. This wall piece calls up a sense of refined luxury as well as a clear reflection. Expand and brighten - Attractive reflective surfaces are the perfect way to add depth and light to any room, and to energize small or dimly lit spaces. Versatile - This beautiful mirror is suited to a wide variety of decor styles, and can be hung vertically or horizontally to fit your individual space. Easy to hang - Sturdy and well-made yet lightweight, this mirror comes with hardware on the back of the frame to make wall mounting a breeze. Secure shipping - Your new mirror is expertly packaged for transportation to ensure that it arrives home safe and sound.Read More
Rustic Shabby Chic Window Pane Wall Vanity Mirror, Teal
Rustic Shabby Chic Window Pane Wall Vanity Mirror, Tealby American Art Decor$62
Add a bit of rustic charm to your home decor with this farmhouse-inspired window pane hanging wall/vanity mirror. Made with natural wood materials and weathered, distressed, shabby-chic teal highlights throughout the piece, this mirror truly embodies the farmhouse aesthetic. It has a dated, vintage and antique look and it offers unique detail with its criss-crossing wooden beams that create a pleasing diamond shape pattern that pulls focus and attention. A wonderful item to be hung in the hallway or foyer, bedroom, bathroom or living room, this bold accent mirror is also perfectly suitable on top of a dresser-drawer or desk in a bedroom, or propped up against a wall at the end of a long hallway. The versatility this mirror offers really leaves the decor design ideas in your hands. Ideal for your rustic and farmhouse style themed decor, this vintage-inspired piece will blend in cozily with other natural wood and metal items you may already have featured. It's the perfect blend of a nod to the past while retaining a stylish design sense in a contemporary fashion. Outfitted with two triangle hooks on the back for easy hanging, this gorgeous mirror is ready to hang in no time. PRODUCT SPECS: Dimensions: 27.5 H x 20.25 L x 1 D Weight: 8.25 lbs Two triangle hooks for hanging FEATURES/BENEFITS: Farmhouse decor Natural wood materials and a shabby-chic, weathered and distressed effect combine to give this piece that rustic farmhouse aesthetic. Window pane style Resembling a window pane with criss-crossing wood beams, this piece offers a unique and decorative look. Versatile This shabby-chic mirror can be hung on a wall, propped up against a wall, or placed atop your dresser or desk, giving you versatility and options on how to display it. Ready to hang This fun and functional mirror comes equipped with two triangle hooks on the back, making it easier to install within your home. Secure shipping Your new mirror is expertly packaged for transportation to ensure that it arrives home safe and sound.Read More
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Wall mirrors are hardworking pieces of decor. They enlarge small spaces, brighten dark rooms and add personality to blank walls. Not to mention their basic function of framing our reflection. Read our answers to two helpful questions to narrow our wide selection of wall mirrors for sale:

What type of wall mirrors do I need?

A wall-mounted mirror can serve many purposes. If you’ll use it to spot fly-aways on your way out the door, make sure it’s a substantial size so you can see your entire face and upper torso. A lighted wall mirror or a magnifying wall mirror might make applying makeup or shaving a little easier too. If you want to evaluate your entire outfit head to toe, look for a full-length wall mirror. The great thing about wall mirrors is that they don’t take away any precious floor space.

If your walls are in need of a little pizazz, browse decorative wall mirrors. You’ll find a variety of shapes, styles, finishes and sizes available on Houzz. A round wall mirror might be the missing piece to your gallery wall while a sunburst wall mirror could serve as a statement-making focal point.

Where is the best place to hang a wall mirror?

If you want to actually use your wall mirror, the middle of the mirror should be at eye level. That way you won’t have to crouch or jump to get a good look at yourself. Full-length wall mirrors are especially helpful in closets and bedrooms — wherever you get dressed in the morning.

Install large wall mirrors near windows, exterior doors and light fixtures to carry light throughout your home making each room feel bigger. Tip: Use a white wall mirror for a dramatically luminous effect.

A frameless wall mirror would look sharp and weightless in a living room that’s already elaborately decorated or in a hallway, like the light at the end of the tunnel. Or if you’re hanging your mirror among more wall art, try mixing or matching frames and finishes for a colorful or coordinated look.

Exploring different heights, orientations and sizes is important too. For example, a vertical wall mirror could enhance a vaulted ceiling while small wall mirrors might look disproportionate in a great room.

An entryway mirror can also act as a catch-all. Look for a wall mirror with a shelf or drawers to stash essentials, like coats, keys and sunglasses. Strategically placing your new wall mirror can really streamline your daily routine in addition to elevating your decor.

Get inspired with our curated ideas for Wall Mirrors and find the perfect item for every room in your home. With such a wide selection of Wall Mirrors for sale, from brands like Posters 2 Prints, LLC, The Oval & Round Mirror Store, and Amanti Art, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love. Shop from Wall Mirrors, like the the Williamsburg Framed Oval Mirror or the Victoria Round Wall Mirror, while discovering new home products and designs. Whether you’re looking to buy Wall Mirrors online or get inspiration for your home, you’ll find just what you’re looking for on Houzz.

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