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St. Germaine Fleur de Lis Door Mat
St. Germaine Fleur de Lis Door Matby Rubber-Cal$58.90(11)
Rubber-Cal's "St. Germaine" Fleur de Lis Door Mat is an elegantly designed surface for any front door. It is both a natural and classic look for those who wish to make an impression. This reliable coir matting contains a sophisticated pattern, is an eco-friendly alternative, and can withstand the pressures of daily wear and tear. Lined with a PVC backing, these French door mats have a charming pattern of fleurs de lis across the surface. With a naturally-colored brown coir background, this product will provide a cultural appeal to your doorstep. Not only are these welcome mats branded by the French emblem, but they are also made of natural coir fibers derived from the husks of coconuts. This fibrous material is produced through an eco-conscious process of husking and extracting. It has very little impact on the environment as a lot of this is done by hand. The natural color of the coconut fibers is allowed to come through in the backdrop of this coir matting. In addition to their eco-friendly production, these welcome mats are extremely reliable due to the durability of the fibrous material. Acting as a scraping surface, excess particles and liquids from incoming foot traffic are attacked before they enter your home. This product can endure through the wear of feet and weather with mold and mildew resistance. The "St. Germaine" Fleur de Lis Door Mat is able to serve multiple purposes at your front door. It's an attractive decoration and an environmentally friendly surface that can provide scraping action that will endure through all seasons. It will fit perfectly at your front door and is available in two ideal sized at a thickness of 5/8-inch. For a culturally sound and sophisticated look, get one of our French door mats today!Read More
French Country Doormat Kit, Set of 3
French Country Doormat Kit, Set of 3by Rubber-Cal$82.99$53.87(3)
Your doorway is sure to look amazing with these estate door mats and this boot scrapper! Bundled with three pretty doormats. Included in this collection is the Classic Fleur de Lis French Matting. This french provincial furniture brings French flavor to your door step! It is decorated with a beautiful Fleur de Lis arrangement. French nobility and royalty have used the Fleur de Lis for centuries and now you can too. Also included in this collection of estate door mats is the Modern Landscape Contemporary Doormat. Decorated on its surface is an elegantly beautiful tree, perfect for anyone who has a taste for nature. This outdoor decor would be a perfect fit for an outdoor patio. Adding to this assortment of front door outside mats is a Herringbone Boot Scraper. This front doormat is a great addition to this home decor collection. These decorative accessories are the perfect collection for not only making your home look good, but for its cleanliness. This trio of pretty doormats has amazing dirt scraping strength. Each tough bristle stands strong in order to scrape all of that debris off the bottom of your feet. Having a good mat in your entryway will decrease the chances of your home getting dirty from particles brought indoors. These estate door mats also have amazing durability due to their ability to withstand variable weather conditions. Moisture resistance, UV, and ozone resistance inspire this French provincial furniture with longevity. Not only tough and durable against weather, these front door outside mats are also Green. They are made of coir, the fiber pulled from the outer husk of coconuts. This makes these mats perfect for anyone who is concerned for the condition of our planet. All of these amazing qualities add up to one affordable bundle you don't want to miss!Read More
Not only are they the first line of defense in preventing dirt and debris from entering your home, but setting out a doormat is a nifty way to greet your guests and family with style and color before they even enter your home. You can purchase a welcome mat in many different materials, colors, shapes and designs, so it’s important to know what you need before you go shopping. Here are a few tips to help you select the perfect outdoor mats for your home:

What type of material is best for my doormat?

Naturally, you’ll want your welcome mat to be made of a heavy-duty material that wicks up dirt, mud and possibly even snow. Certain materials work better than others, depending on how you plan to use them, so here’s a quick guide to help you decide:
• Coir: This material is easily identifiable, thanks to its stiff, scratchy surface. It’s perfect for scraping off mud and dirt and can be easy to maintain, though the rough surface can cause animal fur and other light debris to get stuck. If you choose a coir doormat, look for one with a rubber backing to prevent it from slipping.
• Wood: Wood doormats feature a smoother surface that isn’t as useful for scraping off mud, but their durability and great looks make up for it. If you opt for a teak or wood welcome mat, you can always add a stand-alone scraper to complement it.
• Rubber: Highly durable and easy to clean, rubber welcome mats are a popular choice. Though they tend to be lacking in color options, they often feature elegant designs and patterns. It’s worth noting that extreme cold may cause your rubber doormat to crack, so it might be best to tuck it away during the winter.
• Natural fibers: Weather-resistant sea grass or coconut fibers are durable doormat materials that are perfect for high-traffic areas. Their rough surface also helps clean footwear, and they look great to boot.

What size welcome mat should I purchase?

There’s a perfect measurement based on your door width. Look for a doormat that covers at least three-quarters of your entryway so you can be sure it will catch as much dirt and debris as possible. A longer mat may also be a good choice, as it will provide more surface area for catching muck. Don’t forget to check the height of your mat. If your door catches on it when you open or close it, it may be best to move that welcome mat outside or trade it in for a shorter model.

What styles do doormats come in?

You can pretty much find any style of doormat under the sun. Monogrammed entrance mats can add a certain elegant appeal, while funny doormats will have your guests chuckling as they enter and leave. Coir mats come in a variety of colors and patterns, some even with quotations, greetings or quirky sayings. Rubber welcome mats can add artistic visual appeal with scrollwork, patterns and intricate designs. Whatever you choose, be sure it complements your personal preferences and the style of your home.

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