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Solar Powered 4-Light Deco Clear LED In-Ground Light, Warm White
Solar Powered 4-Light Deco Clear LED In-Ground Light, Warm Whiteby eLEDing(1)
EE801WLW4 series, the LED solar mini UFO lights are innovative warm white or RGB colors illuminators with innovating performance and high quality. provide user with environmental-friendly experiences and joyful lifestyle. Driven by eLEDing's advanced solar-powered management technology, the lights meet customer's different preferences and using applications by Season, Holidays and Activities. It has true Dusk to Dawn all-nigh-long illumination. This unique-designed and easy-to-carry product can be used for residential, commercial and recreational in different applications, such as gardens, sandy beach, patio, outdoor/indoor dining, bar areas and even fish pools and swimming pools, etc. You are purchasing Warm White 4-Pack. eLEDing smart lights are highly reliable, user-friendly and applicational flexible products driven by green technology and renewable energy Product is embedded with a 0.66-Watt built-on-top solar panel and high temp range 1.8 Ah NI-MH battery pack Dusk-to-dawn lighting profile can be used for all-night-long decoration, recreational activities, safety and security illumination and emergency applications 3-ways of easily use - screws fixed installation (for ground/floor, deck, drive way, etc.), spike insert installation (for lawn, garden, etc.) or no installation, just be used as floating lights in the pool Operating temperature range: minus 13F to 140F, waterproof rating: IP68 eLEDing brand smart lights, all the R and D, quality control, customer services and technical support activities are conducted in our California headquarter office.Read More
Landscape lighting is a wonderful way to illuminate your meticulously kept outdoor areas, as well as provide extra safety when darkness falls. Solar path lights are a great way to achieve both of these goals and are cost effective, whereas pool lights and deck lights are a tad more specialized yet still important when it comes to safely navigating the dark. If you’re looking for landscape lighting solutions, here are a few tips to light your way:

What are some of my choices when it comes to landscape lighting?

With such a wide variety of garden lighting styles available, it’s easy to find something that will fit your needs. The most common types include pathway lighting, well lights, deck lighting, pool lights and step lights.
• Pathway: These versatile lights can be used to line your sidewalk, driveway or walkway or even illuminate a flower bed or other greenery for ambience. They can be small and unobtrusive or larger and more decorative. Some styles even resemble hanging lanterns or fanciful mushrooms.
• Well: This type of lighting can offer the same advantages as pathway lighting, but instead of being visible aboveground, the fixture is tucked underneath the soil.
• Deck: These landscape lights are often recessed into the paneling, floor or steps on your deck and help highlight edges as well as steps. They’re a great way to enhance safety, especially if you plan to host a party on your deck after dark.
• Step lights: Similar to deck lighting, these can be placed alongside or in steps to make sure you and your family or guests don’t lose their footing. They’re perfect for use on entryways, porches and patios that include a set of stairs.
• Pool: These are specially made to withstand moisture and illuminate your swimming pool from under the water. Aboveground pool lights are also available and can be added to the pool’s exterior areas.

Is there an advantage to buying solar garden lights?

Outdoor solar lights most certainly come with several benefits, including a lack of wiring, which makes them very easy to install. They feature a solar collection panel that absorbs the energy from sunlight during the day, which is then converted into power that turns the lights on at night. Thanks to this, solar patio lights won’t cost you any extra money when it comes to powering them.

Is low-voltage landscape lighting also efficient?

Low-voltage garden lights are certainly another energy-efficient way to illuminate your beautiful backyard. While they may not be as easy to install as solar lights, they’re still fairly hassle free and will typically even offer a digital timer to let you set when your lights will come on and go off.

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