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Outdoor chairs can make or break your downtime outside; after all, an uncomfortable seating situation can cause your patio or deck to be much less usable. If you’re hoping to relax, consider the epitome of leisure: the chaise lounge. Or if you want some bigger, trendier pieces that don’t cost as much as a patio set, look into adirondack chairs. When it comes to outdoor seating, there is something for everyone — check out all the options below!

What kind of patio chairs are out there?

You would think that picking patio furniture is simple, but it's not: There are a lot of options! Before you make your selections, think about what purpose the chairs will serve. Are you looking for pieces to surround your outdoor dining table? Search for something that has enough height and doesn't lean back too much. In the market for a comfortable relaxation chair? Try out an adirondack or cushy lounge chair. Need to fill up that front porch space? Rocking chairs, swings and gliders are always classic additions. You can even mix and match to cover all your seating bases. You can never have enough chairs!

How many patio chairs should I buy?

As you get ready to buy new outdoor furniture, think about your space and what will properly fit without feeling cramped. You want to ensure there's plenty of seating on hand for guests, but you also want room to walk around your deck, porch or patio. For a proper entertainment space, variety and quantity is key. Create an outdoor living room with two patio chairs and an outdoor sofa, and then add a bistro table and counter-height chairs off to the side. Crowd four to six chairs around an outdoor dining table, or add four laid-back adirondack chairs near the fire pit. Be more selective with your front porch, though; most are small and therefore can only house two rocking chairs, along with a porch swing.

What outdoor furniture material works best?

Since the furniture will be spending most of its time outdoors, you want to invest in waterproof and weatherproof materials. While that should be your first consideration, you should also keep in mind what works with your style preference. Teak, metal and rattan are popular contemporary choices, while wood and wicker with fluffy fabric cushions are common traditional options. Plastic and aluminum pieces are often more affordable, though not as heavy duty as other materials.