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Carlajene, that's MAGNIFICENT! you're so lucky!

As for making decisions for other people, clearly I can't and therefore am not. But if I were imprisoned my entire life so that someone could "connect" with me, I might feel THEY were making quite the unilateral decision for ME.
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Moved lakefront this year to finally live the dream. Walk in the front door, and take in the lake view ..I can feel the stress instantly disappear! Walk out onto the deck and I am on holidays! I learned how to kayak this summer and got hooked..I just put the dog in and we shove off right from our backyard, the ducks and beavers just quietly dunk under and get out of our way...
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It's great to understand the possible reasons of why we like what we like and as this article demonstrates security and safety are deep seated emotional needs that show up in the spaces we chose to live
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