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Air Conditioning Repair Cost

$300Typical Cost
Homeowners in the US usually spend between $160 and $500 on air conditioning repair.
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What others are spending on air conditioning repair:
Typical Cost$300
Typical Range$160–$500
Low End$100
High End$1,000

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Cost to Repair an Air Conditioner

How much does air conditioning repair cost?

It typically costs about $300 to have a central A/C unit repaired. The cost of air conditioning repair typically ranges from about $160 to $500, though serious repairs can cost upward of $1,000. The total cost of repair work will depend on what issues your A/C unit is experiencing, whether you need to replace any parts and labor costs in your area.

Table of Contents:
  • How much does air conditioning repair cost?
  • How much do common central air conditioning repairs cost?
  • What signs indicate that an A/C unit is in need of repair?
  • What certifications should you look for when hiring a contractor?
  • What steps can you take to properly maintain your central air conditioner?

Having central air conditioning in your home can make warm springs and summers so much more pleasant. So when your A/C stops working as expected, it can be quite a nuisance. Keep in mind that the lifespan of most air conditioning units is about 15 years. If your unit is newer than that, you may only need some repair work done. If you’re experiencing any issues, it’s a good idea to contact an air conditioning professional to assess the problem. Issues with your air conditioning have the potential to become unsafe if left untreated. You may also be using excess energy to produce a small amount of cool air. To help your A/C unit last longer and to ensure that your utility bills don’t skyrocket, it’s best to make an appointment with an HVAC services company right away.

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How much do common central air conditioning repairs cost?

Central A/C units have a lot of moving parts that make them work, and the cost of your repair will depend on which part is having issues. See below for a cost guide on typical air conditioning problems.

  • Refrigerant Leak Repair: $200 to $1,000
  • Refrigerant Recharge: $200 to $500
  • Circuit Board Repair: $100 to $600
  • Fuses, Relays or Circuit Breakers Replacement: $30 to $300
  • Thermostat Replacement: $100 to $400
  • Compressor Replacement: $1,000 to $2,000
  • Coil Replacement: $700 to $1,500
  • Condensing Unit Fan Motor Replacement: $200 to $400
  • Condensate Pump Replacement: $100 to $300
  • Fan Motor Replacement: $200 to $400
  • Capacitor Replacement: $100 to $400
  • Service Call: $100 to $200

You can also get an annual tune-up for about $100 to $200 to keep your air conditioning in good shape and ensure that it’s working to full capacity. HVAC contractors typically charge more in the summer months, when lots of people end up calling for an air conditioner repair. If you can get work done earlier, you may be able to save money.

What signs indicate that an A/C unit is in need of repair?

If your air conditioning isn’t working like it used to, it’s probably time to call a professional. There are several common signs that could be symptoms of an issue, and it’ll be useful if you can explain to a contractor exactly what seems to have changed with your A/C.

  • The air conditioner isn’t turning on or cooling the air at all.
  • The air conditioner is on but little cool air seems to be coming out of the vents.
  • The air conditioner turns on and off more frequently than before.
  • Excessive noise is coming from the air conditioner.
  • Odd or unpleasant smells are coming from the unit.
  • Water is leaking from the air conditioner.
  • Ice or frost is forming around the unit.
  • Your energy bills are higher than before.

If you experience any of the above issues or any other concerning symptoms, it’s time to schedule an appointment with an HVAC professional. Working on any HVAC system can be dangerous without the proper knowledge and tools, so it’s wise to let an experienced contractor do the work.


What certifications should you look for when hiring a contractor?

When you’re ready to hire a contractor, make sure to check for their certifications. A reputable HVAC repair company should employ NATE-certified technicians. NATE stands for the North American Technician Excellence certification and will give you assurance that an experienced technician is working on your air conditioner. Anyone you hire should also have the EPA 608 certification, which allows the contractor to handle refrigerant. The Universal certification is the best, but a Level II certification should also be satisfactory for A/C repair. Finally, you might also want to look for an HVAC technician who is partnered with ENERGY STAR to make sure you’re getting the most energy-efficient parts installed.

What steps can you take to properly maintain your central air conditioner?

In order to prevent the need for more repairs down the road, it’s a good idea to periodically take care of your air conditioning unit. Contractors can perform an annual maintenance check-up on your cooling system for about $100 to $200. This typically includes replacing the filter, cleaning the drains, changing refrigerant if needed and checking coolant levels. In between maintenance checks, you can change out or clean the filter if needed. It’s also good practice to keep the outdoor unit free of any leaves, debris or dirt.

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