Frugal use for old pantyhose

July 31, 2005

Besides using them to tie things in the garden, I saw this use and it's really cool!

Cut a leg off of an old pantyhose, and put it where you can get to it in the kitchen, preferably near your coffee maker. Find a way to hang it if you can, toe down.

Empty your old coffee grounds, filter and all, into the leg. After a few days, cut it off, tie it at the top, and toss it into a gallon jug of water. Let it sit for a few days in the sun, then use it to water your acid loving plants.

Another use: Fill the pantyhose leg with well rotted manure or compost, repeat the "toss in a bucket of water" thing, and you have compost tea, which is wonderful for watering houseplants and potted plants.

Comments (6)

  • cherylk

    Another idea that I got from HGTV this weekend, is to cover the bottom hole of a pot with a piece of pantyhose and this will help to keep critters from crawling in through the bottom and will also keep your soil from washing through.


  • alison

    I go thru enough of them it's nice to know there are uses for them!

  • Kathy46

    I love these ideas. I cut them large enough to tie a knot at one end then slip over flowerheads that I want to catch seeds in and secure (loosely) with string or twist tie . It works great.


  • drafted72

    A great use for old pantyhose is for storing onions over the winter. Place a onion into the one leg and push the onion all the way down, and then tie a knot. Do this over and over, tying a knot between each onion, until both legs are filled.
    Then hang up the pantyhose in a cool dark place over the winter. Each time you need an onion, just cut off one from the bottom and work your way up each time you need another onion.

  • bruggirl100

    I had an old farmer's wife teach me that onion trick, and she also taught me to braid garlic. I used to have onions and garlic hanging all over my back porch in the winter.

  • mid_tn_mama

    I do all of the above but like to use it at the end of season to tie up all the hoses and hang them up for the winter.

    I use the tummy section of a clean pantyhose for making bouquet garni. When making pickles that is nice to put the pickling spices in if you don't want to pick them out of your teeth later. Then just throw away!

    Girls tights can be cut in rings and used for hairties. They really work!

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