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Frugal use for old pantyhose

18 years ago

Besides using them to tie things in the garden, I saw this use and it's really cool!

Cut a leg off of an old pantyhose, and put it where you can get to it in the kitchen, preferably near your coffee maker. Find a way to hang it if you can, toe down.

Empty your old coffee grounds, filter and all, into the leg. After a few days, cut it off, tie it at the top, and toss it into a gallon jug of water. Let it sit for a few days in the sun, then use it to water your acid loving plants.

Another use: Fill the pantyhose leg with well rotted manure or compost, repeat the "toss in a bucket of water" thing, and you have compost tea, which is wonderful for watering houseplants and potted plants.

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