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Grass seed germination

10 years ago

During the recent (2 weeks ago) warm spell, I decided to use Round Up to kill large areas of creeping bentgrass that were over taking my primarily KGB lawn. I waited 10 days to reseed after raking off the dead grass, adding lawn soil where necessary, and seeded with a high end perrenial rye and KGB blend. I covered the areas with a light coating of peat and have watered daily. Of course the weather took a cool turn with daytime temps between 48-55 but frequent cold nights. No sign of the rye germinating and I know the KGB needs warmer temps and more time, but I'm afraid nothing will happen because I used Scotts Step 1 for Seeding...the warm temps had my forsythia blooming and I was afraid I'd miss my opportunity to prevent crabgrass if I didn't do it then. Is it the cold nights or the crabgrass control that's preventing germination? The rest of the lawn looks great, so it's driving me nuts not to see any progress from the seed. Am I doomed to start over? Thanks!

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