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HAVE: Cattleya - Lc. Gold Digger 'Fuchs Mandarin'

13 years ago

I have a wonderfully large Fuchs Mandarin in a 6" pot that I am going to be dividing. I already have successfully bloomed two other divisions from this plant and am just looking to create more space in my indoor greenhouse. I figure I can divide the plant into 2 or 3 plants with 3+ psuedobulbs on each plant. The parent that I will be dividing just bloomed on two spikes and has been flowering with regularity every 4 to 6 months.

I am open for anything in exchange. I tend to lean toward mini-cats because I am in a apartment and have limited space in my greenhouse, but will take windowsill growers or low light plants as well. Most importantly, I would like to find a good home for this excellent and beautiful orchid.

If you are on Long Island or nearby, we can meet to exchange or I can send it by mail.

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