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Primrose Lilac (infamous yellow lilac)

16 years ago

I have bought two of these, so called, Yellow lilacs, much to my disappointment. I was told that it would take a minimum of 5 years for the blooms to turn the "butter yellow". Well, 7 years into it and it was still a single flowered "BRIGHT WHITE", so I bought another one that was guaranteed to be color change at all.. umph !! It's now been 13 years and the second one is "BRIGHT WHITE" and so is the first one..........still!!!

Does anybody have or ever seen this so-called, "yellow lilac"? Please, if you know of one, or know someone who actually has one. I sure would like to get a start from it.

Thank you

Comments (14)

  • laceyvail 6A, WV
    16 years ago

    My question is where did you buy these lilacs from? Some nurseries are much more reliable and responsible than others. If Klehms, for example, sells a yellow lilac, their guarantee is worth a million times more than, say, Gurneys or Spring Hill.

  • shetland_pony
    15 years ago

    I have one, bought it in a "box" from walmart. It is now 3 years old. about 3-4 ft in height. It bloomed this year for the first time (TONS TONS TONS of flowers)a VERY pale yellow, one would think it was white. But I also have a white lilac next to it, and it is definately not white. So I wonder if I have more years to wait for the "photo shot" of the yellow that you see in catalogs.

  • york_rose
    15 years ago

    I've never grown it, but I've read before that it's far more yellow in Europe than it is in the USA.

  • cfmuehling
    15 years ago

    Oh, man.
    I bought two, 4 years ago. They've never bloomed, either.
    If I remember correctly, I bought from Spring Hill (now owned by Gardens Alive! I think). I gave one to my SIL, who has yet to see blossoms, either.

    White? I've dug those up and given them away. Grrrrr...


  • ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5
    14 years ago

    a lot of yellow flowers.. will bleach out to white in full sun ... and yet might be yellow in more shade...

    but flowering bushes need full sun to bloom ... real catch 22 ...

    look at a globe .. and be startled how far north most of Europe is to most of us.. inclination of the sun will easily fit into the logic .. in other words.. the sun is much more intense here.. and therefore.. a very light yellow might fade to white extremely fast ...

    in hosta ... of which i have a few.. there are very few pure white flowers .... almost all have some purple in them .... if grown in full shade.. you can see the purple rather easily ... whereas the same plant.. in full sun.. will look like it has a white flower ... go figure ...


  • Embothrium
    14 years ago

    It's primrose yellow at first, fading later even in our dull climate here.

  • piggyacres_gmail_com
    11 years ago

    Try this link: Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens, Inc. in Woodland, Washington. They have world class lilacs. They are in the middle of their selling season right now. I live near there so don't know if they will ship other areas or not.

  • imshl12_aol_com
    11 years ago

    A million thanks to the previous posters! I had a feeling this yellow lilac was too good to be true and you just saved me from a long wait only to be disappointed!

  • Carolynarthur807_hotmail_com
    11 years ago

    Can I say S@$%!!!! I ordered one from Spring Hill, it will be here this fall. I live in Washington and in what is also called the Lilac City ( Spokane ). Maybe it will do ok things don't get above the 70's here until late June. Maybe that will help me? I had selected a spot in my yard that gets sun most of the day, should I select a different spot?

  • HU-505422104
    last year

    I have two of these bushes. They bloom every year but it did take a few years. They are a very light yellow. I’m wondering if the acidity of the soil makes any difference. I bought them from Spring Hill. The first time, they didn’t make it through the winter. They were sold out so I didn’t get any replacement. I ordered again the following year. That was over 12 years ago. I have written to Spring Hill that the yellow is not as intense as the photos but they never bothered to respond.

  • laceyvail 6A, WV
    last year

    Spring Hill is one of the worst nurseries in the country.

  • Brenda Hursh
    7 months ago

    Spring Hill WAS a marvelous nursery until they were purchased by a National Company. When they were a local Company (one could either go to the local Greenhouses or order from a catalog) they stood behind their products, and completely honored ALL of their Customers. Lord, I miss those days!!

  • Denise Larson
    6 months ago

    I bought one of these 7 plus years ago It bloomed the last two years but the blooms are DARK PURPLE ! It probably has something to do with our soil which is clay