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Drying Rose Petals for Popurri

17 years ago


My roses are just shy of full bloom.Each rose bush is huge and has hundreds of blooms on it. The thought of making popurri(not spelled right i know :(sorry)and giving as Christmas presents from my own rose bushes has always run through my mind this time of year. I was wondering if without sending me to another website or referring me to a book if you had some quick suggestions on accomplishing this. How best to dry them? I don't see myself buying the silica etc I was thinking more simple like can i just sit them out on a table and let them air dry? Will that work?? or maybe on a low temp in the oven?What Temp ? how long? How can i preserve the smell till Xmas??I'm thinking of making sachets to put them in.If i can preserve the red color some i will use lace any ideas to do this as simply and economically as possibe would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch SunriseFairy

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