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What vehicles are essential on a homestead?

21 years ago

Just curious: what vehicles do you find to be essential to the success of your home/homestead? Larger farm/ranch type set-ups will need more, I am sure. Starting with the Mom/Pop farmette, and adding more acreage, animals, etc., what would be the vehicles you start with, and add, as you grow?

For me, it was:

First: VW beetle - 1972 (still here)

Second: Chevy Suburban (standard shift, not air-conditioned) - 1984

Third: 1988 Blazer - bought used for son

Gave away the 1984 Chevy Suburban and got a 1995 Suburban

Forth (if it counts as a vehicle): John Deere riding mower

vintage 1981 not functional at this time.

That's where we are now. Never had a pick-up, although that seems to be the typical vehicle around here for small farmers. The VW was okay when my hauling needs were neglible, but it's going to be sold because it's too small. I like Suburbans for the family (I have eight kids) and for hauling stuff like scavanged wood, compost makin's, kids back and forth to airport, etc.

I have noticed that my neighbors that have animals are forced into having these huge trucks for hauling livestock, hay bales, etc., around. I guess I just wonder if that's really efficient, all told. I'm not meaning to be judgemental, I just think each family must figure these things out and decide for themselves. But if we share information we'll be in a better position.

Also, if you have tractors or other vehicular type equipment I would like to know that, too.

So what do y'all use? -- Marie

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