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How is your Idaho vegetable garden doing?

16 years ago

I'm in Southeast Idaho (Idaho Falls).

My broccoli is just finishing. Starting to get cauliflower.

Lots of greens and green onions. Beets are ready. Carrots are still aways out.

Got my first peas today.

My Celebrity tomotatoes are setting fruit. Not a thing on the Goliaths.

Peppers have set a few.

I expect the first summer squash this week. The winter squash are growing well. I hope to have beans in a week or two.

My biggest disapointment is my cucumbers. They are tiny. The biggest plant is about 6" across. It is almost as if they can't get going.

My dream is to get melons. I've gotten a single canteloupe the past two years. This year, I ordered a hoop house and put red plastic down. The plants seem to be growing well. I've got my fingers crossed.

Comments (8)

  • 16 years ago

    been eating spinach and mustard leaf for over a month, pole beans are growing like mad, tomatos had a rough start, but are doing well, squash also the same, but has doubled in size over the last week, so I am happy. The heat here the last coupel of weeks is doing its toll, but I am keeping everything well watered.

  • 16 years ago

    I live in Boise. My spinach and other greens bolted but we ate a lot of salads this spring. Have been getting peas for some time now. Cucumbers are growing like mad but no cukes yet. Should have patty pan squash to eat within a week. Musk Melon is not doing very well. Plants are still small. Have two lipstick pepper plants that are loaded with peppers and am waiting for them to turn red. California wonders are doing well but not much fruit yet. Cayanne pepper is huge and is setting fruit like crazy. Will bee eating beets this week. Tomato plants are huge and some are setting fruit well and others not so well. Lots of blossom drop due to high temps and in full sun. Have been misting the plants with srpinkler to raise humidity and they have started setting fruit better. Have had 5 ripe tomatos all ready(striped german, sunsets red horizon and romas). Have 9 varieties of tomatos in all.
    Egg plants are also doing great.
    It will be a while before carrots are ready and also have Candy sweet onions doing very well.
    All in all its going to be a good year for the garden.
    Hope everyone else has a great year as well.
    Dan Cook
    Master Gardener

  • 16 years ago

    We have been eating Sugar Snap peas for some time. The Kentucky Wonder pole beans are growing like mad. and have lots of blooms. The Blue Lake bush beans are doing the same. I got all of these in early, and they frosted so had to start over. The same with my peppers and tomatos. I got them in and they frosted replanted, and then lost these all about a month and a half ago. I now have them replanted, but they are all small. I used a white SRM film under the pappers and tomatos. We will see if this helps.

  • 16 years ago

    Just an update from Idaho Falls . .

    Peas are about done.

    Beans are flowering. I've harvested some delicious new potatoes. Boy, I love those!

    Hope to have summer squash this weekend.

    My hot peppers have gone nuts. I'll probably pick a few this weekend for eggs.

    My bell peppers still are not setting. They have flowered for awhile. Just no fruit. Odd.

    My determinate tomatoes are going well -- I expect first fruit towards the end of the month.. My indeterminates have gotten huge. But, not a single tomato. Odd.

  • 16 years ago

    Hey staggart,
    The tomatoes may not be setting fruit if your temps have been as high as they have been here in Boise this year. The two main reasons for blossom drop is High temps and low humidity. I mulched very heavy with a natural mulch (partially composted sawdust and woodchips) around my plants and keep this pretty moist and misted my plants from above to try and raise the humidity around the plants and keep them a little cooler and it seemed to help on most of the plants. My brandywine hasnt set too many fruits but it wasn't setting anything until I did this. I also took a small paint brush (the small ones you use for water color, I used a fairly stiff bristled one) and hand pollinated the blossoms on all my plants. I have heard too much nitrogen can cause blossom drop as well but the high temps are usually to blame.
    Good gardening
    Dan Cook
    Master Gardener

  • 10 years ago

    We have been enjoying Mediterranean and crock neck Squash since the end of June and still have more than my family can eat. Picked our first zucchini last week with more to come. Spinach did great this year and we enjoyed it up until the middle of this month when it finally bolted and seeded. We will be replanting a fall crop soon. We have a few varieties of loose leaf lettuce that we enjoyed all spring, it is still growing but has become bitter so we are periodically pulling it up and using it as chicken food, which they love. Peas are still going! I planted them under a shade tree and we still pick some on a daily basis. Pole beans are Giant and we should have some beans coming on soon. Kohlrabi we also planted i a shady area are starting to get large! well be picking them soon and replanting a fall crop. Chards are large but almost done. I have 15 Tomato plants and four varieties. The Romas are doing quite well, loaded with medium to small fruit right now and some are still blossoming. I have had some blossom drop due to the hot weather though but it hasn't really slowed the fruit from setting. The Celebrities are done blossoming and should start riping in the next couple of weeks. My old Germans are just now coming on strong.... I didn't get many early blooms but now that they are 6ft+ they are getting more and more and are closer together. I don't know if that's normal for that variety but the first blooms on both plants only had two flowers an neither one of them produced. the next set happened at about the 3.5 ft mark and they produced one each. the next group had twice as many flowers and have about 4 or 5 each and is get better the father up the plant you get.... it's strange but I have never grown this variety before. I have two Brandywines that I planted mid June, I rescued from D@B, they were half dead and very root bound. But they have done tremendously well after I transplanted them and trimmed them up. both are about 5 ft high now and are loaded with tomatoes. They just started setting fruit about two weeks ago and even the high temps didn't slow them down. It's been a good year all around so far for me.

  • 10 years ago

    Gardening is winding down now, but our zuchini and herbs did really well this year. Tomatoes, not so much. Cucumbers were a miserable failure. The neighbors had the same problem.

    We didn't get much planted this spring since a medical emergency happened, but the little we planted was better than no garden. Next year will surely be better.

  • 4 years ago

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