Growing yucca from seed

16 years ago

I'm not sure where to post this--someone will probably tell me it should be on the growing from seed forum, but thought I'd try here 1st. Doesn't seem like the type of plant that very many people try from seed as I couldn't find my answer doing a search. I have some yucca seed I collected from a plant growing on the side of the dirt road down from me about 3 yrs ago. I was surprised when the seeds germinated a few days ago, as I had just kept them on a shelf in an old plastic bottle. I germinated them using the baggie method. They grow all over the place naturally here in Oklahoma. Can anyone tell me what kind of root system they have & how fast they will grow so I know how to pot them up? Don't want to start out with a little pot if they have a long tap root or are sensitive to being transplanted. Thanks for any advice anyone can give me!

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