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Litebulb dove

14 years ago

not to bad, but gosh isnt easy eather, I cut tail and wings after maybe cutting 10 differnt ones till I came up with one I thought was okay,cut out of stiffner I think its called used when makeing a purse so its stiffer, used a styrofoam egg for head, cut off a part, and glued on with e6000, feet were made from pipe cleaner, peak from scrap of felt, dipped in coffee so the orange wasnt so bright, the feet was dipped also,had this stuff called soft flock, you paint on a adhesie then drop on flocking let dry and it sorta of puffs up, kinda look like feathers, eyes are black 3d paint, sorry about the photo, but you get the idea.

heres the link incase you would like to make one.


Here is a link that might be useful: dove litbulb

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