New Caesarstone Frosty Carrina & London Gray light marble looks

January 13, 2013

It seems these aren't in the states as yet but they both look stunning. The Frosty Carrina is a carrara look and the London Gray looks to have a bit deeper background with marble veining. The FC has longer veining which is more like real marble as opposed to the random spots and veining of the quartz marbles now available. There is also a charcoal one with whitish veining. Here's a video that I think shows the FC and a bit of the deeper one. You can see larger photos of all the colors and what they look like on a counter also at this site. These look to be the most realistic interpretations I've seen.

You can see all the new colors here as well as photos of the new colors and of them in use in the Gallery section.

Has anyone who lives abroad seen them, or at a trade show here?

Here is a link that might be useful: Caesarstone video

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  • sweetandrew

    Our builder dropped off large samples of the FC and London Grey today for our bathroom reno. I put Imperial Danby (Vermont) marble in our kitchen 2 years ago and used Cambria Torquay on our basement wet bar and laundry room countertops last summer. I think I like both Caesarstones better than the Torquay, which surprised me. Would love to see more pics of both installed as well as suggestions for tile pairings.

  • NessaB

    Thanks all for the compliments. I'm loving the changes so far.
    Here's a photo of the two back splashes we were contemplating against the FC countertop. It shows how light the veining is. I'll try to get a better one of just the counter. We've chosen the one on the left. It'll be installed on Thursday and I'll post more photos when it's done.

  • pamela928

    NessaB, can you tell me who makes the tile on the right in the pic? I'm looking to combine the grey and brown tones and this one seems to do it.

  • NessaB

    Pamela, unfortunately I've returned the tile to the store when I ordered the marble. It's a little yellower than the picture and the grey colour in the photo is actually rather blue. It's a very thin glass tile. We sourced it at Ontario Tile in Markham Ontario. I believe it was called Tiffany.

  • mamadadapaige

    didn't read through all the comments so not sure if the C-stone new colors are still being discussed but just wanted to say that I saw them in large slabs last week at KBIS and they are really gorgeous.

    Cambria and Silestone were also at KBIS so I looked at all the "faux marble" slabs by all the companies and imo the C-stone offering is the most realistic. I liked the London Grey in particular.

  • SparklingWater

    I saw London Gray in person today and am very excited given my spouse's cooking style. So pretty. Will be deciding countertop selection soon.

    Thanks for the heads up on making sure to see the slab re: fingerprints. I'll be sure to bring that up, since that should not pass their QA for sure.

  • susanlynn2012

    Thank you everyone for posting the pictures and the information. I am going to order samples! Sure looks nice!

  • firstmmo

    Keep posting pics of the new colors!

  • NessaB

    We're finally done! Here's a photo of the completed kitchen when the backsplash was finished last week. Now to accessorize! But that will come with time.

  • chickpea8

    NessaB, the backsplash looks wonderful! What did you end up going with? Any chance you can share a closeup? Thanks.

  • NessaB

    Here's a close up of the backsplash. The tiles are a 1x2 inch marble mosaic. We're so happy with how it turned out. Our installer did a wonderful job of setting up the pattern between the uppers so the cuts looked great.

  • Susan Phillips

    Tmunson - did you get your LG installed today? Pictures, please.

  • superpoutyduck

    Fabricator is running behind :( However, they were being cut today, so install should be next week. Pictures to follow :)

  • islanddevil

    Nessa B. Looks great! When finished please post a new final reveal thread with all the juicy details.
    This thread has been very informative. Look forward to seeing more kitchens with these products.

  • Susan Phillips

    Tmunson - did you get your LG installed today? Pictures, please.

  • superpoutyduck

    Pictures are up now:

    Here is a link that might be useful: London Grey

  • ly3g

    I have been meaning to post this since I really wanted to see an image of the installed london grey caesarstone countertop when we were deciding. We were initially going to use the frosty carrina but the different tones of white were too contrasting with our ikea adel cabinets. So on the advice of the Benjamin Moore paint consultant at the shop, we changed countertops to the grey to avoid color clashing. Hope this helps!

  • wolverine2

    ly3g, thanks for the picture! I'm doing Adel white cabinets and have a sample of London Gray but it's hard to tell what it would look like installed. I'm also looking at the Piatra Gray too, but I think am leaning towards a granite right now. But your picture has me rethinking!

  • ly3g

    wolverine2, since the Adel cabinets are off-white we realized the contrasting colors can make the cabinets look "more white" or "yellow-ish" or dirty. Make sure you put all your samples including paint/tile together to help you decide the overall look. Our paint consultant picked BM "gothic arch" from the veining of the London Grey. It makes the wall cabinets look whiter. V. happy with the CS-not porous at all (the sample even passed my overnight staining tests!). I included another picture which shows more of the paint (sorry the image is a little dark...). We wanted a brighter look since the kitchen is not too sunny (south windows). Have fun with the process!

  • sandygirl21

    Wanted to share a picture of our updated kitchen with Frosty Carrina Caesarstone counters, since I got a lot of help by reading theses forums. We're not completely finished yet, still have a few more doors to hang and outlet covers to install, but are happy to have a working kitchen again!

  • sandygirl21

    Wanted to share a picture of our updated kitchen with Frosty Carrina Caesarstone counters, since I got a lot of help by reading theses forums. We're not completely finished yet, still have a few more doors to hang and outlet covers to install, but are happy to have a working kitchen again!


  • likewhatyoudo

    If any of the above posters have some updates on the ceasarstone quartz they ended up using and pictures I would love to see them. I am trying to decide on a color scheme for my master bathroom remodel. Very excited about these quartz colors!

  • Eleven.Gables

    Hello All! I have pictures of my London Grey Caesarstone counters and backsplash on my blog. They turned out beautiful!

    Here is a link that might be useful: London Grey Caesarstone kitchen

  • Eleven.Gables

    more London Grey

    Here is a link that might be useful: Eleven Gables blog

  • Eleven.Gables

    London Grey Caesarstone Backsplash and Countertop

    Here is a link that might be useful: Eleven Gables Kitchen Remodel

  • sjhockeyfan325

    It looks great (as does the whole kitchen). I love my Ceasarstone (organic white) - I hope you love yours.

  • tuxedord2

    Gorgeous! What are your paint colors? cabs and walls?
    Love everything!

  • Eleven.Gables

    lesmobo, my paint colors were EXTREMELY tricky. I tried to use straight colors, but everything was coming out yellow or green. So, I made my own colors. The cabinets are Half Chanel White (a color made up by Spectrum Paints in OKC). The walls are 1/2 Manchester Tan (Benjamin Moore). The ceilings are 1/4 Manchester Tan. The walls are a beautiful light putty color... no gray, blue, green undertones. The cabinets are a creamy white with no yellow undertones.

  • tuxedord2

    Wow, eleven gables - thank you! Really beautiful! We're having an yellow and green problem too. Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Kimiano

    Thanks for this thread! I am considering FC and LG too, as well as Silestone Lagoon and Lyra. My cabinets are Martha Stewart Sharkey Grey. Not sure if the LG will be too similar to my cabinets or if that is a good thing. They pretty much match. Any more pics would be great! and thank you to those who have posted.

  • HuskerPower

    After doing scrolling through what seems a ton of pictures/blogs/forums....We ended up choosing Frosty Carrina counter-top in the end and love them. I almost went with Cambria Tourquay before I saw a sample of the Carrina. This is a very soft white which is what we were after and looks more like marble than the Tourquay as it doesn't have the specks in it.

  • Bunny

    I ended up choosing carrara for my vanity, but I was very impressed by the sample of London Gray the yard loaned me. Had I not gotten on the marble train, it would have been a frontrunner for me. A nice choice for a kitchen. It was interesting to learn that Caesarstone will sell half-slabs.

  • smalloldhouse

    @HuskerPower: beautiful photo! Can you share the cabinet color and any info on your backsplash. I've ordered cabinets in what I think is a similar shade, and am hoping also to use one of the light quartzes. But I hadn't yet figured out the backsplash. Your kitchen looks like it belongs in a magazine spread!

  • susanlynn2012

    HuskerPower, I just love your kitchen, especially the backsplash! I agree with smalloldhouse that your kitchen belongs in a magazine spread!

  • HuskerPower

    Thank you! You are so kind.:) I love how it has all pulled together. It was a huge task to find back-splash tile. We ended up going with a marble tile from The Tile Shop called Queen Beige Tumbled Amalfi ( ).

    The cabinets are from Ultracraft, Sagamore 5 piece door style. The color is stone with a brown linen hand brushed finish.

  • Hilary I

    Hi everyone, It has been a while since the last comment on this thread but thought I'd give it a shot. I have Frosty Carrina in my master bath tub deck and vanity surround and I need to choose a 'matching' marble to go on the floor and walk in shower surround. I was considering a carrara but I thought it would be both a brighter white and much more gray. So then I've considered a Turkish marble by Marble Systems, called 'Avalon' which is both less pricey than Carrara and seemed a better match. However, now I'm told the shipping will be >20% of my order so I'm considering other options. The worst part is that I can't review these options on site - I am far from the actual jobsite so can't visit in actual light. I have samples though. I was wondering about Bianco Dolomiti that I found discounted on line but haven't seen in person yet as well as perhaps a Carrara from Home Depot as some people have commented I can pick and choose the pieces and return the unused ones? Any ideas? Thank you!

  • Gooster

    There is a white marble with dark, distinct veining call "Manhattan" that is sold at Arizona Tile. You might find something similar at a shop near you. It is from Sichuan, China.

  • Hilary I

    Thank you, it's very pretty and looks consistent with not too much gray.

  • csonnenburg

    I have ordered a London Grey CS countertop to go with very dark espresso cabinets. The cabinets have a grey undertone even though they are a dark brown. I am having trouble choosing a natural looking stone to use behind our slide in range. Has anyone found a stone that looks great with the London Grey countertop? I have been agonizing over this. Also, any flooring suggestions and paint colours would be greatly appreciated. I am considering the Centura Stark series taupe porcelain stone for the floor. Thoughts anyone? Thanks again.

  • Jessica Grossman

    @nessab I love your kitchen - esp. the sink! Who makes it? Is it granite composite? And if so, how do you like it?

  • Dianne L

    Has anyone had any issues with the quality if your Caesarstone countertops? I have read a few different sites where people have complained about chipping and staining which isn't supposed to happen with Caesarstone. This is one of the sites that I have read that has scared me a bit from moving forward with ordering Frosty Carrina:

    I love the way FC looks and I was sold on it but am afraid of getting chips or staining like some other people have mentioned. Would really appreciate hearing from some of you that have had Caesarstone installed for a few years. Thanks in advance!!

  • Stacy Lawrence

    Dianne, I have quartz (not Caesarstone, they were out of my choice at the time) in my bathroom; looks new 2 years later. Online, you will find many cons or negatives about most any product you are considering buying. I wouldn't let that hinder you, as that's usually the minority. Caesarstone has a warranty. I will be buying either London Grey or Organic White in the next two weeks for my kitchen reno, but I love real marble. This is a happy compromise. Check with the company you are buying and ask if they've had any issues with Caesarstone. I asked the appliance company about Thermador vs. Viking and they gave me their opinion based on what they service the least. Good luck!

  • Dianne L

    Thanks for your comment Jeweledangel!

    I went to the local Casesarstone showroom the other day and spoke to them and I do feel a lot better about going with Casesarstone. One of the most important things they mentioned was to use an approved fabricator.

    They also have a new color called Statuario Nuvo which looked beautiful in person but I think its top of the line so it will be substantially more than the other colors, we are waiting for the bid now.

  • Tina Buell (Z9b)

    I have frosty carrina with a backsplash of Emser Lucente Servello Linear Mosiac with Lucente Cream Cap and grouted with CUSTOMS #333 ALABASTER.

  • Tina Buell (Z9b)

    @Diane I have had frosty carrina for 2 years and have experienced no chipping or staining.

  • csonnenburg

    We chose London grey for our countertop in our kitchen remodel. We have had it installed for a year now and still very happy with it. It still looks brand new and wipes up very nicely. It is a great contrast with our dark cabinets

  • jessicacatlett

    @csonnenburg - Thanks for the follow up picture. Your kitchen looks great. What did you end up using for your backsplash?

  • Dianne L
    Just sharing a picture of Frosty Carrina installed. It's a beautiful white color with faint veins that you see only as you get close to it. We are loving how it brightens everything up.
  • kim puzak

    This looks stunning! Our cabinets are a similar color and I'm just about ready to commit to frosty carrina. Do you have any more pics that you could share? Also what back splash did you go with? Beautiful job!!

  • Mandy M

    Just used London Grey in a kitchen "facelift" last month. We have maple cabinets and that's a combination I haven't really seen before, but I think its gorgeous!

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