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Accessing Miele W4842 Service/Setting menu

13 years ago

Hey ya'll! I found an old post from 2007, that details accessing the Miele W48XX Series Washer's Service and Settings menu.

Open the drum door, bunch of start buttons, holding down, blah, blah, blah...:)

It works.... I enter the Service menu, but instead of seeing Water +, Allergy settings, spin speeds, extra rinse, etc, etc, I am just able to se Operation hours, button tests, light tests, serial #, etc..

Does anyone know how to access the Service menu, and change wash & rinse settings on the W4842??? The instructions I have are for the W4840, and while the first part does allow me to access some menu on my W4842, these instructions are for the 4840.

Any help is SO appreciated. Thanks a lot!!!

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