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Crazy question -- oven in a walk in pantry?

15 years ago

This is a wierd question, I know. I've honestly never heard of such a thing, but I figure if anyone has heard of it, that person will be here! :)

Just curious if you would put your MAIN oven(s) in a walk in pantry instead of in the main kitchen (to save counter and cabinet space, primarily).

It seems like a major ventilation issue to me, right?

You can all stop laughing at my silly questions now. I don't mind. He He. :)

Comments (7)

  • kitchenredo2
    15 years ago

    I am planning on putting my MW in my pantry to keep it off the counter.

    As far as a main oven..... As you mentioned, ventilation could be an issue (I think they vent out the front?). How big is this pantry? Also, would you have a landing place for items coming out of the oven? Where would it be located in relation to the door of the pantry - would this allow for entry/exit from the pantry with the oven doors open? You would need the proper electrical and gas (if a gas oven).

    I don't know if there would be a code issue - you would have to check with your contractor/jurisdiction. You could also call the oven manufacturer and see what they suggest.

  • rhome410
    15 years ago

    All what kitchenredo said. You want to keep stored food cool. But it also could depend on the orientation of the oven (how it faces and how close to the door) and I wouldn't put doors on the pantry. Mostly I wouldn't do it and if you want more counter, maybe situate it in the pantry somehow instead of the oven?

  • cotehele
    15 years ago

    I tried that in a much earlier version of my planning. I know there is one person (I am really bad at names) who has ovens, pantry and baking center in an adjacent room. It is well organized. She loves it! She posted quite often, but it was at least 6 months ago. White cabinets, blue walls I think...

  • datura-07
    15 years ago

    My sewing room is right next to the kitchen (same size - very large). I have a double sink in there and I love it when I have a big party. I put extra food and supplies on my 4 X8 cutting table and I also will put a pan or whatever into the sinks to soak. I can put last minute stuff together without anyone knowing what I'm up to. No one sees my messy stuff.

    So, if I was going to put anything in the pantry - add an extra sink and counter space. I cook my turkeys in my Nesco roaster in there - saves space. Counter space for a pizza oven is good too.

  • growlery
    15 years ago

    I have seen warming ovens in true butlers pantries -- the kind where James is keeping the plates and the fish course warm while Mister finishes his 859th retelling of how his great great great grandfather fell off his horse at Yorktown.

    But in those cases, the pantries all happened to have some ability to vent to the outside, and were quite large. And the ovens were not full power.

    I would think the heat would shorten the shelf life of everything else you put in the pantry. Not to mention uncomfortable for the cook.

    Nothing is too silly to consider. I have relatives who kept a stove in the basement for the summer. I've seen refrigerators in stairwells.

    Good luck!

  • paddy_99
    15 years ago

    I can't really help with your question but I was looking at a Parade of Homes house and they had an oven in the laundry room.