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Lucky bamboo newbie in need of help!

8 years ago

There's a whole forum just for lucky bamboo, awesome! So I like to think I'm pretty good at taking care of plants, but I know next to nothing about Lucky bamboo. Both my sisters have their own plants and in the past I have also had lucky bamboo. However, mine turned yellow and died, and now that my sisters' plants are doing the same, I'm a bit worried about how to save them. I did some research about why the stalks turn yellow but it sounds like it could be literally anything. So I'm going to share pictures of both plants; maybe you guys have some ideas?

So this first one is my younger sister's plant:

It's in worse shape than the other one so I'll start with that. Yesterday we pulled out two entirely yellow, wrinkly, soft stalks. As you can see, the curly stalk at the front is pale compared to the others and it's starting to get the same wrinkle. Otherwise, the leaves are fine and the other two stalks seem fairly healthy. All 3 stalks are still firm.

Upon uprooting them (I planned on cleaning out their stones, at the very least), I noticed they're very pale at the bottom and seem a bit dry, but otherwise I don't see any signs of rot or insects. Is anyone seeing something I'm missing?


This second one is my older sister's plant:

They're much smaller, and she was worried about them but they actually seem ok? They're only slightly wrinkly and I don't see any that are yellowing or turning soft. It's just that some of the leaves are turning brown. The only odd thing I noticed with hers is that some of the leaves near the top have some sort of web on it?

Not sure if that's just a spider that wanted to live in her room or something more sinister.


Just a tad more information about their living environments. We live in separate houses (my older sister lives with me and my dad and my younger sister lives with my mom. it's not as complicated as it sounds lol). The only reason I mention that is because the plants have never been near each other and are watered differently because they are in different houses. The first one didn't get too much light and I don't know how much my sister watered it. From the look of the roots, it doesn't seem like she watered them much at all. The second one is in an entirely different room on a small table near a sunny windowsill, and I think my other sister waters that fairly often. Both are watered with tap water. The first gets filtered hard water. The second gets filtered softened water. So neither should have much chlorine in them, but idk if the softened water is a problem?

If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear. I really know nothing about these plants :P Also sorry for the long post! It was hard to condense everything.

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