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Electrical dilemma

8 years ago

I bought my first home. On the inspection report it showed that the two outlets in the kitchen were not gfi's. I called a local electrician that had good reviews. I sent him the inspection report and he came to fix the problem with his partner. He told me I could switch the receptacles or the breakers switches themselves to gfi's. He said both did the same but the breaker was cheaper. So I had him change the breaker pieces. After that I noticed that if i use the garbage disposal switch the dishwasher breaker trips. Both are on the same receptacle were they are plugged into under the sink but they are wired to different breakers so I assume they are on different circuits. The switch for the disposal is on the wall receptacle that shares outlet plugs but those are on the breaker that trips along with dishwasher. So basically everytime I use the disposal that it connected to breaker 10.. It trips breaker 12. They both use the same receptacles but are on different breakers. I tested a different appliance on breaker 10.. And same thing its not an appliance issue. Was the gfi breakers installed wrong; should it have been installed on the wall receptacle instead; or is it a faulty gfi. I don't see a reset for the gfi breaker just a test button

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